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Toyota Mark II x90

Toyota Mark II x90 1

Toyota Mark II x90

Toyota Mark II x90 2

As soon as they don’t call Toyota Mark II, a side-walker, a samurai, a carrot, there are many other nicknames among the owners and just fans of this car.

So. The 1995 car, in the most popular Tourer_V configuration with a 2jz-gte engine, is a biturbo engine with variable valve timing systems. Equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission. Engine power 280 horsepower, a torque of 380 Nm, by the way, it is achieved almost from the start.

Outside, like all Japanese cars of the time, the Mark II looks elegant, graceful. Long hood, long trunk. Of the minuses of the appearance, only a too high suspension can be noted, but this is also a hallmark of the Japanese premium of that time.

Getting into the interior of a Japanese car, it can not be confused with anything, and especially the Japanese of that time in business and premium classes. Large, cushioned plush seats. Very comfortable, I just want to fall apart and go, absolutely not straining. The seat is mechanically adjustable, but in huge ranges. The steering wheel can also be customized. Toyota Mark II, equipped with climate control, which works great, very comfortable.

Of some other modern systems, there is nothing but an anti-slip system.

The back row is extremely comfortable. A lot of space, huge headrests and a wide armrest, a lot of legroom, you can stretch out and go reclining, for long journeys it’s just fine.

But in the trunk, these Japanese traditions create problems. Since it’s a very large loading height, and generally it’s not very convenient to load, but there is a lot of free space, you can arrange a bath on the road.

On the go, the car behaves perfectly, there is nothing to complain about, precise control and gear shifting. Often you can hear about the old Japanese business class words like “barge” or “ship” Toyota Mark II fully corresponds to this, on the road the car is very soft, smooth, on bumps there is absolutely no discomfort. The driver can really sit back, relax and enjoy the road. But if you need a row six reminds that you can go much faster than the flow, although you don’t feel like driving this car.

A wonderful car, a lot of comfort, although not a lot of luxury, the car rides wonderful sideways, not for nothing that it is called the king of drift. Great Japanese Premium.


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