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Toyota Mirai – the car of the future

Toyota Mirai - the car of the future 1

Toyota Mirai – the car of the future

Toyota Mirai - the car of the future 2

Toyota in the Japanese city of Tokyo in 2013 introduced the world’s first hydrogen-powered car. This sedan is called “Mirai”, the word is translated from Japanese as the future. In December 2014, this sedan went on sale. The car will become popular and popular in the near future. The peculiarity of this car is that it runs on hydrogen.

The exterior of the new Mirai car against the background of other sedans looks unusual and too elaborate. The car of the “future” has beautiful and spectacular front lights, a very large bumper with convex air intakes forward. A drop-down roof and racks littered forward give the car a spectacular, unusual look. Embossed stampings look beautiful. The stern is original, but it looks a bit heavy due to large triangular lights and a too massive trunk lid..

The interior looks very original, as well as the exterior. Drivers will undoubtedly enjoy the beautiful and fashionable steering wheel, on which the control buttons are located. Devices are located under the most windshield. The interior has a multimedia complex with a 9-inch display and touch panel.

The front seats are wide with an anatomical profile and a lot of electrical adjustments. On the back sofa with a powerful armrest in the center, two people of any build will comfortably sit. The trunk of the new car is large – 361 liter.

The new car is oversaturated with all kinds of latest equipment and uses Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS) technology. Mirai uses hydrogen as a fuel. In just 9 seconds, the car picks up speed of 175 kilometers per hour. The car has two tanks for hydrogen – 60 liters (front) and 62 liters (rear). Full hydrogen filling at gas stations takes only 3 minutes, this is enough for 480 kilometers. Only water is released into the atmosphere..


In Russia, the appearance of new items should not be expected. At home in Japan, a new car has been sold since 2014. The cost of the “future” car is about 7 million yen. In the US, the sedan will be sold from mid-2015, its estimated cost will be about 58 thousand dollars. In European countries, motorists will be able to purchase Toyota Mirai for 78 540 euros. First, the car of the “future” Tayota Mirai will be sold in Germany, Denmark and the UK.


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