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Toyota Prius 10

Toyota Prius 10 1

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Replacing VVTi couplings, or how customers are deceived in car services

Today, our guest is Andrey on the Prius in a 10 body.

Andrey enrolled in our Hybrid service to replace the VVTi coupling.
I suggest that before replacing the clutch, make a car diagnosis.
Andrey refuses and tells the following story:
On his beloved Prius, the “insufficient oil pressure” icon lit up. He addressed this problem to one of the car services in Yekaterinburg. There he was quickly diagnosed with “wear of the main and connecting rod bearings, as well as wear of the timing chain”.
Billed 40,000 rubles.
Andrei agreed to repair by paying the indicated amount, and a week later he received his Prius with a repaired engine.
But the joy was short-lived. Well-accelerated to the “repair” Prius, categorically refused to go. Some time after the start of the internal combustion engine, a “check” on the instrument panel lights up and the car does not accelerate for more than 40-50 km / h.
Accordingly, Andrei turned to the service with a claim that the car went to repair, but now it does not go.
After a two-day “diagnosis”, the masters rendered the verdict: “your VVTi valve is out of order”.
Nothing to do – Andrey goes to the store and buys a new VVTi valve.
Masters install the valve and … a miracle doesn’t happen: the car, as it didn’t drive, never goes …
Two more days of “diagnostics” and a new verdict is ready: “due to a faulty valve, the VVTi coupling has failed”.
The cost of a new coupling goes beyond all reasonable limits, and Andrey is recorded in our service for the installation of a contracted coupling.
Here is the background of Andrei’s getting to us..

Having heard all the details, I insist on our diagnosis before starting work. I am 99% sure that the VVTi clutch is absolutely operational here. I promise the client that if the diagnosis confirms the verdict of the Yekaterinburg masters, I won’t take the money for the diagnosis..
Andrey agrees with this situation.

We connect the motor tester to the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors.
And you guessed it, we see their complete desync!
Those. angular arrangement of crankshaft and camshafts relative to each other do not match.
The ratio of the shafts of the engine control unit is used to determine the readiness of the cylinders for fuel injection from the corresponding nozzle.
The control unit also uses the data from the camshaft sensor to determine misfire flashes in the cylinders. And if the computer does not receive such information, it generates a diagnostic trouble code, goes into emergency mode, and delivers fuel using the alternating-synchronous double ignition method.
At the same time, the hybrid system control unit limits the power of the entire system.

We explain this to Andrei. Rather, we explain it easier: the wizard, when installing a new circuit, installed it incorrectly.

Andrew does not believe. He says that in the service several times they checked the installation of the chain by labels.
We have to remove the timing cover and show the owner everything clearly:
1. We put a mark on the crankshaft pulley, opposite the mark “0”.

Toyota Prius 10 2

2. Check the marks on the camshaft pulley. As you can see in the photo, the chain is not correctly installed on the inlet camshaft for 1 tooth!

3. Check the marks on the exhaust camshaft. The result is similar – the marks do not converge on 1 tooth.
At the same time, having carefully examined the chain (new original), we do not find factory yellow marker marks on it. What is the conclusion?
But the conclusion is simple – not the original Toyota circuit, but a fake.

We show it all to Andrey and take a photo.
He immediately “falls on the phone” and begins to call the director of the car service, where he was made kapitalku.
The car service director, having heard about the photo, the fake chain and the mismatch of the labels, immediately without any further calls invites Andrei to come to their service, where they will eliminate everything for free and put in the original chain.
Andrey is leaving. We are waiting for information from him and do not yet name the address and name of this grief-car service.

I don’t know if the main and connecting rod bushings were changed in that service during the “ICE overhaul” operation at a low oil pressure, but the oil pump wasn’t changed exactly … So they took 40,000 rubles?
Here is such a sad story.
Good luck on the road!


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