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Toyota Prius 20

Toyota Prius 20 1

Without keyword

Today in our “Hybrid Service”, on her graphite beauty, Svetlana Borisovna from the city of N-Tagil came to visit.

Toyota Prius 20 2

The reason for referring to the words of Svetlana Borisovna: “it’s very cold in the car in the winter and the ICE is constantly overheating in the summer … Before the coming winter I want to put the car’s heating system in order. I contacted several services in N-Tagil and Yekaterinburg, but they just shrug their hands …”

A competent diagnostician of such communication with the client is already enough to determine the possible cause of the malfunction. But in order to verify our suspicions, we look into the engine compartment. Two to three seconds and the reason is found!

And you guessed what is the cause of this malfunction?

The cause of the malfunction was found, but now we need to find the one through whose fault Svetlana Borisovna suffered so much time …

We ask her when and where she changed the drive belt of mounted units.

Svetlana Borisovna did not put a question to the dead end – in the glove compartment she has a complete history of servicing her car with ordering outfits. And here he is this order-outfit:

Toyota Prius 20 3

Another 08.07.2015 year, i.e. more than two years ago in a car service, IP Soshnikova D.A. in the city of N-Tagil, she changed the ICE pump and the drive belt of mounted units.

Now, I think that everyone understood the cause of the malfunction: on the contrary, a “competent” Tagil service mechanic put on a drive belt for mounted units!

As a result, the ICE pump began to spin in the other direction! Accordingly, in the winter, hot antifreeze did not pump through the stove, and in the summer the internal combustion engine was constantly overheating.

What can I say? Only: “Tagil rules!”

We put on the belt, as expected, and a miracle happened – hot air began to come into the cabin from the stove!

For two years, the belt “gnawed” on the pulley of the pump three grooves that were clearly visible even with no armed eyes. (in this photo the belt is already worn by us correctly)

Toyota Prius 20 4

And here is a photo of how “wrong” was put on the belt on this engine.

Toyota Prius 20 5

This photo was taken on an already taken ICE from another machine, on which, due to overheating, the ICE “led” the head of the ICE block. And you guessed it right, the client of this car also changed the drive belt of mounted units in the city of N-Tagil. We will not claim to be in the same car service, as the customer did not save the order-order. But I think that all owners of cars serviced in Tagil should be careful.

And Svetlana Borisovna was lucky. The entire repair of the “stove and cooling system” resulted in only 200 rubles, i.e. in the cost of changing the belt.
Good luck on the road!


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