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Toyota Prius key programming

keyfor toyota prius

Programming keys and key buttons in Toyota Prius:

Instruction of learning of a key:

How can I program the key to Toyota Prius car?

You need have new or erased toyota key (for sample – erased with TLS smart key eraser)

Programming of the central lock (two buttons on the new key):

1. Sitting in car, key NOT in lock, driving door OPEN, other doors CLOSED
2. DOUBLE insert/pull your native key (5 seconds)
3. DOUBLE close-open the driver ‘s door (40 seconds)
4. Insert – remove key
5. DOUBLE close-open the driver ‘s door. (40 seconds)
6. Insert the key into the ignition lock.
7. We close all doors
8. Turn on the ignition (without pressing the brake) and turn off quickly. (Add mode – 2 times, Confirm mode – 3 times, Delete mode – 5 times)
9. Pulling the key out of the lock. The central lock must operate once CLOSE/OPEN. (Add mode – 2 times, Confirm mode – 3 times, Delete mode – 5 times)
10. On NEW key press CLOSE and OPEN buttons for 3 seconds at the same time.
11. Then press OPEN button. for 3 seconds
12. The central lock must operate once CLOSE/OPEN (In addition mode: if the master key is recognized – the central lock will operate 2 times; In delete mode – 5 times)
13. Open the driver ‘s door to exit programming mode.

This procedure is obtained if you have already programmed the key using the TLS Programmer.

Programming of an immobilizer. (chip key! If it is already ready for recording with TLS Programmer):

1. Doors all closed (NOT central lock), wrench pulled out.
All procedures are done very quickly:
2. FIVE times insert/pull out native key and leave in lock.
3. Open / Close. Driver ‘s door SIX times. We leave a door CLOSED.
4. Pulling the Native Key out of the castle. Immobilizer LED must come ON on the panel
5. Quickly insert the NEW key into the lock and leave it there for 60 seconds. (Immobilizer LED will blink) When the LED goes off, you can pull out the key.

IMMOBILIZER-icon on instrument panel of red color in the form of a car shape with a key inside.

P.S. Sorry – we used automatic translate for this article. If something unclear – please write us and we’ll explain. Have a nice day!

P.P.S. If you interest buy key programmer – ask us and we’ll answer free.

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