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Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius 1

Toyota Prius

Without keyword

Steering rack service company

After the publication of a note on replacing the steering rack for a service campaign on my son’s car, I received 5 letters asking, “How do I get through this service company?”

In general, I thought that 90-95% of the owners of the Priuses in the 10-11 body have changed the rail for free for a long time … But apparently it was a mistake. Therefore, I paint everything in detail.

Let’s define first, Does your car fall under this service campaign, Announced by Toyota on June 2, 2011:

To do this, check the body number of your Prius with these numbers.
If you have a Prius in an 11 body, released from March 31, 2000 to May 30, 2003, and the body number is in the range from No. 0001004 to No. 0088780, then Toyota will replace the steering rack on your car absolutely free.

If you have a Prius in a 10 body, released from October 3, 1997 to February 25, 2000, and the body number is in the range from No. 0001002 to No. 0039786, then Toyota will also replace the steering rack on your car absolutely free.

If your car matches the above numbers, then you need to do the following:
Write a letter to the following email address: .
A letter of absolutely arbitrary form indicating your name, address, phone, email and car data.

For those who find it difficult to do this, I post an approximate sample. You need to substitute only your data in it.

I own a 1998 TOYOTA PRIUS car. Car Frame Number: NHW10-0011240.
The steering rack is faulty in my car and I ask you to replace it with the Toyota service campaign. I live in Yekaterinburg. The nearest official dealer center is located on ul. Eastern 1. There I also want to replace the rail (if you don’t know where the nearest dealer is located, then you may not indicate at all).
My data: name, address, phone, electronic.
Date, Signature “

In response to this letter you will receive a letter about the following contents:

“. Let me thank you for contacting Toyota customer support, as well as for choosing Toyota products..

We carefully read your appeal dated 06/12/2013.
First of all, let me inform you that Toyota Motor LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Company), being an authorized importer of Toyota and Lexus cars in the Russian Federation, whose main activity is the import and distribution of cars, spare parts and accessories brand Toyota and Lexus through the dealer network does not have any data on cars that were imported into the Russian Federation by third parties. The Company also does not have information about Special Service Campaigns, which apply to these vehicles.

Let me draw your special attention to the fact that the Car you own is not intended for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation and was not imported by the Company into the Russian Federation, and also to inform you that the Special Service Company was not declared by the Manufacturer as regards your Car on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Let me also explain to you the meaning of the concept of Special Service Campaign..
After the release of automobiles, the Manufacturer constantly evaluates how automobiles behave in operation. From time to time, faced with a situation where the individual components or characteristics of the cars produced do not fully comply with Toyota’s high quality standards, the Manufacturer decides to conduct a Special Service Campaign to check and, if necessary, replace individual components.

It should also be noted that the service campaign is announced by the Manufacturer in relation to a limited certain list of Toyota cars in a strictly defined territory.
Nevertheless, putting customer satisfaction above all else, Toyota will request the information you are interested in from the Manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corporation.
As soon as the Manufacturer provides information on this request that interests you, we will immediately notify you of this.

Let me warn you that the response time for such requests may be quite long. As a rule, the estimated time for receiving a response is from 1 (one) week to 2 (two) months or more.
At the same time, the Company and the Manufacturer strongly recommend not to perform any work on the car in an organization that is not an authorized (official) dealer / partner of Toyota.
We hope that the information provided will be useful to you..
Let me once again thank you for your appeal..
Regards, Vanya Pupkin. “

We are not upset and we are waiting. It used to take a lot of time: 3-6 months. Now the answer comes quickly.
After that we go and change the rail.

You can go the other way:
Fill out an application on the website
In the note indicate the same thing that they wrote in the letter to Toyota.
And you can go in two ways at once. Some may “work” faster.

It is hoped that Toyota’s “servicemen” will competently perform a service replacement of the rail (which is now the norm in principle), and will not ruin a new working rail during installation (which, alas, is not uncommon).


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