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Toyota Succeed

Toyota Succeed 1

Toyota Succeed

Toyota Succeed 2

Toyota Succeed was first introduced by the famous Japanese auto concern Toyota Motor Corporation in 2002. The production of this model is successfully carried out at the present time. The predecessor of Toyota Succeed is the famous Toyota Corolla Van..

The body of the Toyota Succed is made in the form of a station wagon, equipped with five doors. According to the manufacturers themselves, this car model is intended for the commercial transportation of medium-sized cargo. There are two main modifications to the Toyota Succeed car – one is passenger and the other is passenger-and-freight.

The passenger model of the Toyota Succeed is equipped with a gas injection distribution system, as well as the DOHS mechanism, which is used to distribute gas. In the passenger version of the Toyota Succeed model, an exclusively automatic transmission is installed. The engine of this car is characterized by a power of one hundred and nine horsepower and a volume of one and a half liters.

In the cargo-passenger modification, on the contrary, there is a mechanical gearbox, as well as a diesel engine.

Among the most important advantages of the Japanese car Toyota Succeed it should be noted a high level of environmental safety, fairly good performance, as well as low and affordable cost. In addition, an attractive and stylish appearance, as well as significant lightness and ease of operation, are inherent in the Toyota Succeed car. Thanks to these features, Toyota has been one of the most popular and sought-after car models for a long time..

Thanks to the high-quality ventilated front disc brakes as well as the rear drum brakes, Toyota Succeed guarantees the most efficient and gentle braking. As a result of restyling of this car, a significant reduction in fuel consumption was achieved, as well as a reduction in exhaust emissions by about half. In addition, some changes were made to the rear light caller of this car, and the on-board computer also changed slightly. This car also has a headlight corrector. As for the dashboard of Toyota Succeed, it is quite stylish and elegant. Moreover, in the evening and at night, high-quality and pleasant illumination is activated here, in which the possibility of multiple control of the degree of illumination is realized. Thanks to its unpretentious and simple design, Toyota Succeed has gained wide recognition among a wide variety of categories of citizens. Such a car guarantees confident and easy movement on the roads..

In the Russian Federation, the Toyota car is not officially sold. However, the right-hand drive version of this model is widespread in the Far East and Siberia..


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