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Toyota Tercel

Toyota Tercel 1

Toyota Tercel

Toyota Tercel 2

The world’s first Toyota Tercer was launched by the famous Toyota Motor Corporation in 1979. The prototypes of this machine were such popular models as Corona and Starlet. At the same time, the developers very carefully analyzed all the features, advantages and disadvantages of the aforementioned car models and only the best features were selected to create the Toyota Tercel model.

The car Toyota Tercel was presented in several variations of the body, among which the central place is coupe.

One of the main advantages inherent in the Toyota Tercel is the absolute softness and smoothness of the ride, which is achieved through the use of high-quality and reliable suspensions – the front, equipped with a wishbone and the rear, on which a coil spring.

Since 1994, the Toyota Tercel has seen some significant changes and improvements. It is worth noting that this model has become not only more functional and practical, but also more beautiful in appearance. Moreover, the appearance of this car has become, so to speak, more complete. The stylish appearance of the updated Toyota Tercel will not leave indifferent any car lover. It harmoniously combines among themselves all the best qualities, properties and characteristics inherent in all its predecessors.

The Toyota Tercel car model can be equipped with gasoline engines, the volumes of which are 1.3 and 1.5 liters, as well as a 1.5-liter diesel engine equipped with high-quality turbocharger.

The Toyota Tercel was produced in two different variations. The first was a three-door hatchback, and the second was a four-door. Both of these options have a very stylish and attractive appearance..

For some time, the body of the Toyota Tercel model was produced on the same line as the body for the famous Toyota Corolla II. However, starting from 1997, this design was subject to some changes. Both the internal and external appearance of the Toyota Tercel has been greatly improved. Moreover, in order to ensure a higher level of safety in the production of this car, a GOA type housing was used – thus, in collisions, reliability and safety for the driver of the car were guaranteed. In addition, the safety arc was slightly elevated to the top. Toyota Tercel cars were available in 4WD, as well as without all-wheel drive.

The Toyota Tercel is characterized by excellent technical characteristics, as well as good appearance. The design of this car is concise and does not accept anything superfluous. The car interior has a high level of comfort. In addition, the Toyota Tercel easily parks even in the most inaccessible places, which makes it ideal for moving around a modern city. Toyota Tercel is one of the best options for active young people.

Toyota Tercel production was completely stopped in 1999.


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