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Toyota Urban Cruiser

Toyota Urban Cruiser 1

Toyota Urban Cruiser

Toyota Urban Cruiser 2

The Toyota Urban Cruiser, which was first introduced in 2008, is the European version of the car model, which is well known in the United States as the Toyota Scion xD, and in Japan as the Toyota Ist.

This five-door car was developed by manufacturers specifically for moving around the city. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that on the roads, as well as in mountainous areas, it can manifest itself far from the best way.

At the heart of the Toyota Urban Cruiser car project is the Yaris platform. In this regard, there is some similarity in the technical characteristics of both cars.

Toyota Urban Cruiser can be equipped with both the sixteen-valve 1NR-FE gasoline engine, which is a novelty, and the long-proven eight-valve 1ND-TV turbodiesel. The gas engine at the inlet and outlet is equipped with special Dual VVT-i mechanisms. This unit is capable of developing power up to one hundred and one horsepower, making an average of six thousand revolutions. In addition, this engine is equipped with a special Start & Stop device, which provides an easier and smoother stop. For a turbo engine, a volume of 1.3 liters is inherent, as well as a power of 90 horsepower. In both engine versions, the manufacturers proposed a mechanical six-speed gearbox..

As for the features of the chassis of the Toyota Urban Cruiser, they are also very similar to the Yaris. In front is the McPherson suspension. The steering rack gear of the car is equipped with a special electric power steering, so it is able to make 2.55 turns from lock to lock. The brakes of the Toyota Urban Cruiser are equipped with anti-lock braking system ABS, as well as a servo booster. In addition, the brakes are characterized by the presence of ventilated discs – in front of them their diameter is 275 millimeters, and behind 259 millimeters. Standard equipment includes a special vehicle stabilization program – Vehicle Stability Control.

The stylish appearance of the Toyota Urban Cruiser looks very harmonious against any urban landscape. This model is characterized by somewhat angular strict forms, large window sizes, as well as slightly swollen arches. This design is very expressive and memorable..

The length of this five-seater car is 3.9 m., The height is 1.5 m. And the width is 1.7 m. The size of the Toyota Urban Cruiser wheelbase is 2460 millimeters, and the gauge is 1485/1490.

The luggage capacity of this car at full landing is 315 liters, but it can be increased to 750 liters by folding the rear seats to the floor. For a hundred kilometers, this car consumes approximately 5.5 liters of fuel. The maximum speed it is capable of is 175 kilometers per hour.


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