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Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza 1

Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza 2

In our country there are a large number of overseas car enthusiasts. They were always ready to endure the inconvenience that occurred when operating the car in unusual conditions for them in our country. Therefore, people only rejoiced at such innovations as Toyota Highlander and Venza.

Toyota Venza was built on the platform of the famous Toyota Camry of the last generation. Thanks to this, Venza took a place between Camry and Hightlander..

The main task of this crossover is to successfully combine the qualities of different classes of cars for the special needs of people. The first kilometers on the Toyota Venza will immediately show that it is designed for the most comfortable ride. The car was more adapted for our country in the field of suspension and electric steering. Even after these changes, it is noticeable that the car is designed for long journeys, and not for fast aggressive driving around the city. The front seats have a clear American style – they are very comfortable to sit in, but they do not support cornering at all. This little nuisance is corrected by 2 memory cells. Passengers can tilt the seatback, lie down and look at the sky through the standard sunroof of this car.

To the car Toyota Venza offers a 2.7-liter gasoline engine with 185 liters. from. inside, which works with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Such a car is designed for a relaxing trip, during which the gearbox works very gently. If you start an aggressive ride, then it begins to show some delays when switching, and sometimes it turns on a gear that is not quite necessary for the driver.

Inside the car there is a lot of space for things. There are also special cells for the phone. There is also a USB connector and a 12-volt outlet. A panoramic roof, which includes 2 hatches is included in the basic package, so you won’t have to pay extra for it.

Toyota Venza behaves well on a flat road and in corners. In terms of handling, it is no worse than a passenger car, for example, like that of the same Camry. But the crossover must have some qualities of an SUV. For example, if you compare it with the Hightlander, then the Venza is 50 mm longer and 150 mm lower, even the ground clearance is higher, but only 2 mm. But, due to the fact that this car has long overhangs, its exit angle becomes 21 degrees, and its entry angle is only 17. But you should not think that everything is so bad. This is enough for parking in the city near the edge, and all-wheel drive (which, unfortunately can not be influenced in any way) is perfect for driving on a slippery road. We can say that the Toyota Venza car is a regular station wagon with all-wheel drive and increased ground clearance. This is quite enough for city driving at any time of the year. He will not make the driver worried if he has to drive along a road that has not been cleaned from snow. But of course you should not go to extremes. To overcome difficult off-road areas, there are other cars that are more suitable for this. Its main competitors are Audi Allroad, Honda Crosstour, Subaru Outback and Volvo XC70.


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