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Toyota Vista (3S-FSE)

Toyota Vista (3S-FSE) 1

Without keyword

SCV damper – diagnostics and repair

“. When you deal with the problem – it seems completely empty, but when you do not understand it to the end – you sweat)))), – Victor V. Kostyuk, Diagnost, city of Chita, at our Forum as” vitoks “)

In general, the situation was as follows: Vista Ardeo with the 3S-FSE engine came with gasoline in oil, a poor start, in a word – with the whole “bouquet” characteristic of these engines.
What we did to begin with: we cleaned the intake manifold, even using the Meka technology tried to get to the valves and cleaned them (as far as they could), replaced the oil seal on the pump, respectively the belt – candles – oil, and the car drove off.

It’s hard to describe the owner’s joy, almost all owners of such engines, for the first days or three after repair they “listen – sniff – peer” to them until they understand that this is a long time.

But a month later the “CHECK” lamp came on and the car came back for diagnostics.
The scanner (CarmanScan2) gave an error on SCV, in my opinion P1416, the same 58 code that so often baffles us. I think that what I was able to discover is not everything that can “throw” this node out, since the 58 code has three OBD designations – P1415, P1416, P1653.
So, knowing that my collector is still clean, I decided to get to the SCV node and replace it completely (was in stock).
Did so.
The car left. After two days, it returned again with the same malfunction, which is where you involuntarily think!

How are we used to trust Japanese (“Toyota”) nodes, sensors, etc..

But be that as it may, I decided to disassemble everything again, check the course of the dampers and examine the SCV node in detail, which I did:

Toyota Vista (3S-FSE) 2
Toyota Vista (3S-FSE) 3

photo 1 – SCV case photo 2 – SCV stator

The dampers really turned out to be still clean (it was much worse), but when I completely dismantled the SCV assembly, I found that one of the brushes (graphite) fell out, that is, it flew off the loop (either it burns off from the overload when the dampers are heavily “planted” “, or just frayed (I like the first), as the Japanese rarely rubbed it.))))

Toyota Vista (3S-FSE) 4

photo 3 – for comparison, on the right is shown an “ordinary match”, and on the left is the same fallen brush

I immediately decided to check the second SCV unit, which I removed from the car before that – the same picture.

Honestly, it was not so easy to find suitable brushes in size, but I found it, I found a workshop for repairing electrical equipment (drills, thin sections – machines, etc.), it’s good that they appeared now))), and so, I took the smallest ones from them brushes (twice as many as ours) and just fit the Japanese size.

Toyota Vista (3S-FSE) 5
Toyota Vista (3S-FSE) 6

photo 4 – SCV assembly to collect photo 5 – “brush holder”

Toyota Vista (3S-FSE) 7

photo 6 – SCV motor anchor

Toyota Vista (3S-FSE) 8

photo 7 – on the left: the smallest brush that could be found in stores
on the right – the original brush, the size of which was “fitted” purchased in the store

The most interesting thing is that the brush, even with a torn cable, has poor contact with the brush holder, which misleads us, that is, the error is deleted and reappears after a while, randomly, without any system.

When assembling the SCV assembly, you need to pay attention to how the stator stood (with magnets), since turning by 1 \ 3 (the mounting holes are the same))) leaves an error 58, but the lamp (CHECK) does not light, in addition, the fourth gear disappears and the engine works in lean mode, like.)))

Kostyuk Victor Vyacheslavovich (nickname on our Forum – vitoks )
Author photo

Toyota Vista / Vista Ardeo 1998-2003

1ZZ-FE (1.8) 1AZ-FSE (2.0 D-4) 3S-FE (2.0) 3S-FSE (2.0 D-4)
Repairs. Exploitation. Maintenance.


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