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Toyota ZR Series Digitizers

Toyota ZR Series Digitizers 1

Toyota ZR Series Digitizers

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It’s time to consider the design features of the next generation of Toyota engines, starting with the most common ZR series.

Engines of the ZR series debuted in the fall of 2006 in the domestic market, as part of a large-scale upgrade of the Corolla and Premio families, in the summer of 2007 the serial production of the first engines with Valvematic began. New motors quickly took the place of predecessors in the line: 3ZZ-FE ⇒ 1ZR-FE / FAE, 1ZZ-FE ⇒ 2ZR-FE / FAE, 1AZ-FE / FSE ⇒ 3ZR-FE / FAE. In the early 2010s, they were installed on a wide variety of models of classes B (Yaris), C (family Corolla), D (family Premio), mid-size SUVs (RAV4) and vans (Noah).


Engine Working volume, cm 3 Bore x Stroke, mm Compression ratio Power hp. Torque, Nm RON Weight kg Market / Standard
1ZR-FE 1598 80.5 x 75.5 10.2 124/6000 157/5200 95 116 Eec
1ZR-FAE 1598 80.5 x 75.5 10.2 132/6400 160/4400 95 122 Eec
2ZR-FE 1798 80.5 x 88.3 10.0 136/6000 175/4400 91 117 Eec
2ZR-FE 1798 80.5 x 88.3 10.0 125-136 / 6000 163-175 / 4400 91 117 Jis
2ZR-FAE 1798 80.5 x 88.3 10.0 147/6400 180/4000 95 123 Eec
2ZR-FAE 1798 80.5 x 88.3 10.0 130-144 / 6400 161-176 / 4400 91 123 Jis
3ZR-FE 1987 80.5 x 97.6 10.0 139/6500 189/4400 91 116 Eec
3ZR-FE 1987 80.5 x 97.6 10.0 143/5600 194/3900 91 116 Jis
3ZR-FAE 1987 80.5 x 97.6 10.0 152-158 / 6200 192-196 / 4400 91 Jis
4ZR-FE * 1598 80.5 x 78.5 10.2 118/6000 150/4400 91 Chi

* – internal designation of a Chinese-made 1ZR-FE engine for the Chinese market.

Compared to modern counterparts from other manufacturers, the performance of 1.6 and 1.8 vm engines looks good, but 2.0 and 2.0 vm do not stand out from the total mass.
As for the efficiency of cars with such engines, it can be rated from acceptable to good (in the conditional category “10 liters”); low consumption at cruising speeds on the highway and a significant dependence on temperature overboard. Although the aggregation of new engines with CVTs that are more efficient in this respect plays a significant role, since, in conjunction with classic hydromechanical automatic machines, the ZRs show at best “average” efficiency.

Cylinder block
– The engine uses an aluminum (alloy) cylinder block with an open cooling jacket.
– The sleeves are fused into the material of the block, and their special uneven outer surface contributes to the most durable connection and improved heat dissipation. The wall thickness between the cylinders is only 7 mm, the engine overhaul by the manufacturer is not provided by definition. And although circumstances sometimes force enthusiasts to bore or remake disposable Toyota blocks, the final result of such a “collective farm” can hardly be called a “Toyota”.


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