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Types and choice of winter tires

Types and choice of winter tires 1

Types of winter tires and selection rules

Types and choice of winter tires 2

Winter is a tough time for drivers. Snowy or icy roads require high concentration and maximum attention. But to be always extremely collected is not always obtained. As a result, in winter, the risk of an accident increases. To protect yourself and loved ones will help the right choice of winter tires. But choosing her is not as easy as it seems. All due to the fact that a universal option for selecting tires does not currently exist, and each driver selects tires for their characteristics.

There are 2 criteria based on which the choice is made:

• at what speed do you plan to ride;

• mileage that you plan to drive.

Depending on these factors, consultants will help you make the right choice and feel good on any road..

Also, when studying winter tires, you should pay attention to the chemical composition of rubber, tread pattern and spikes.

The chemical composition plays a crucial role in the selection, as this is the main difference between summer tires and winter tires. So summer tires at temperatures below +5 freeze and become very hard, which leads to skidding, and winter tires at temperatures above +5 become very soft and do not fulfill their functions.

The tread pattern is also important. It is best to choose an asymmetric pattern. The external drawing is responsible for driving on asphalt, and the internal – for driving on a snowy road.

Winter tires are divided into studded winter tires and winter tires without studs.

Tires without studs are of 2 types: European (it is designed to grip when it rains and in wet snow) and Scandinavian (this type is desirable to use on a snowy or icy road) types. Such a construction is ideal for our climate..

According to motorists, a large role is played by the depth of the tread pattern. The most optimal depth is 8-10 mm.

And yet, 80% of Russian drivers choose studded winter tires. So what are its advantages?

1. Spikes are indispensable on an icy and snowy road. Ideal for grip.

2. The braking distance is reduced several times

But there are a large number of negative qualities. It:

1. Loss of all positive properties on dry or wet roads. During rain or on dry pavement, spikes are completely useless. They not only do not help, but also lengthen the braking distance.

2. Spikes destroy the asphalt surface. For this reason, studded tires are prohibited in some countries..

3. Spike noise reduces ride comfort.

For those motorists who decide to put winter tires with spikes, you need to know that to strengthen the spikes in the tread, they need to be run in. This means that the first 500 or 1000 km does not need to develop a vehicle speed of more than 80 km / h.

The service life of winter tires on average ranges from 2 to 4 seasons. You can understand that the tires are out of date by the depth of the tread pattern. It is approximately 4 mm. You can extend the service life by choosing options with harder rubber. The hardest rubber will help you choose the seller.

I would especially like to note the brands of manufacturers of winter tires. The best quality are foreign brands. These include:

* Nokian (about 2.5 thousand)

* Michelin (about 3.2 thousand)

Choosing winter tires for your car is a complex process in which you need to be guided by different parameters, but the main thing that you need to look at is safety for yourself and your loved ones. Good luck to you!


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