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UAZ Patriot car

UAZ Patriot car 1

UAZ Patriot: Slow but Big

UAZ Patriot car 2

UAZ Patriot is a pretty attractive car. And there are no discounts on the fact that it is produced in Russia. Turning to face marketing, he acquired headlights with LEDs, a color screen inside the cabin, and lotions that UAZ fans had never seen before. The height of this car is 10-20 centimeters larger than the height of most other SUVs. Sometimes it may seem that it is a little narrow, but this is just an illusion that occurs when looking from some angles. 16-inch wheels are not very suitable for the “Patriot”. An SUV with such small wheels does not look very impressive. However, with restyling, you can purchase a complete set with 18-inch wheels.

A 2.7 liter gasoline engine can produce 128 horsepower. Although a car like this usually needs twice as much. No one will check its true speed, but in the description of the technical characteristics there is a figure of 150 km / h. It will take more than 20 seconds to disperse it to at least a hundred. In general, the car can not be called fast. At about one and a half thousand revolutions per minute, the car begins to tremble and vibrate, from which the driver certainly will not be delighted. It is good that this problem is eliminated by further unwinding of the engine and an increase in speed. True, this consumes a lot of gasoline. It can take up to 20 liters of fuel to drive a hundred kilometers along the city highway. Like any other UAZ, the Patriot has a pair of tanks – one on the left side, the other on the right. At the same time, they can pour 72 liters. That is, after about every five thousand kilometers, you will have to refuel, and spend more than 2 thousand rubles on each such refueling.

Despite the low cost of the car (approximately 700 thousand rubles), its interior is quite spacious. The trunk is also very roomy. The control panel is plastic, it’s nice to press the buttons. There are many of them, and it is always interesting what will happen after clicking each of them. The touch screen, although low, is fast and responsive. The steering wheel can be raised and lowered to the required height (the only problem is that the adjustment lever itself is in an uncomfortable place, and you constantly touch it with your foot). Alarms can often work spontaneously. The disadvantages include the lack of an airbag, as well as the inverted image provided by the rear view camera, to which you have to adapt. Everything on the right seems to be on the left and vice versa. So not for long and ram a car. Although these shortcomings can not be considered a problem of the car itself. Since the Patriot has a high landing, off-road tires and a manually connected high drive, it moves perfectly across the field. Headlights do not give much light, which is so important on roads outside the city. But some benefit can be fished out of this problem – due to lack of light one has to slow down and at the same time drive more carefully.


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