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V Conference – Auto Repair Technologies

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 1

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The conference came to the middle, today was the fourth day. Topic:
“Diagnosis of the mechanical condition of the engine”
The lecture is conducted by Gazetin Sergey Pavlovich.

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 2

Technical expert at Interlaken Rus, head of the training department at AmEuro, a certified engineer in the field of electronics, the author of many articles on automotive diagnostics, a practicing diagnostician with more than 20 years of experience. The main specialization is the diagnosis of gasoline and diesel engines. Certified trainer for the training modules “Vehicle Electrical Basics”, “Vehicle Electrical Advanced”, “Vehicle Electrical Multiplexing”, “Diesel Diagnostics”, “Turbocharger Systems” of the DELPHI Training Academy.

The theme, at first glance, is completely nonsense: “Diagnostics of the mechanical condition of the engine“, I’m sure that almost every auto-diagnostic,” engine “and further on the list – they are all sure that they know this topic thoroughly.
Sure. Wonderful. Then I will ask a couple of questions:
1. Why did the lecturer Gazetina S.P take more than an hour and a half on the spark plugs, on the measurement of compression and related nuances?
2. Why were people from the top management of car services present at the lecture?
Of course, I could now give the opportunity to listen to the dictaphone recording of the entire lecture, but I will not do this fundamentally. Guessed why?
That’s right: “Each person builds his life independently.” He wanted to – came to the lecture to listen, did not want to – did not come, because he had enough knowledge for this whole life and for a piece of the next.

A lot of nuances were told. Both on spark plugs, and on the topic of measuring compression and related issues. What was considered:

Yes, an impressive list of questions has been expanded before the conference participants..

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 3

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 4

The lecture was built on the principle of organizing our world: “From simple to complex”:

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 5

Measurement of pressure at the end of a compression stroke in a cylinder (measurement of compression)
Benefits: simplicity of measurement (for most gasoline engines), no special equipment is required – a universal meter (compressometer) is used;
Disadvantages: the amount of compression in some cases does not allow us to judge the mechanical condition of the cylinder; the presence of objective problems complicating the measurement on most diesel engines;
The main condition for a correct check is the exclusion or minimization of the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber;
Assessment of tightness (pneumatic density) of the cylinder and determination of the cause of leakage

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 6

Advantages: the ability to obtain additional information compared to the compression test; the possibility of localizing the place of leaks;
Disadvantages: the need to hold K.V. in a certain position, the difficulty of connecting a pneumotester when working with most diesel engines;
Diagnosis of the condition of the cylinder mirror, piston, combustion chamber and valve group using an endoscope

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 7

Benefits: the possibility of obtaining objective (not indirect) information about the state of the cylinder walls, piston bottoms, plates and chamfers of valves, chamfers of valve seats, the presence and sources of oil in the cylinder, and other information (carbon deposits, leakage of nozzles, burn-out of cylinder head gasket, receipt of antifreeze and etc.);
Disadvantages: the need for expensive equipment (endoscope), the difficulty of access to the combustion chamber on most diesel engines, the complexity or inability to visually control some areas of the combustion chamber and valve group;
Important! When working with most endoscopes, it is necessary to exclude or minimize the time of exposure to high temperature;

Rapid check of relative tightness of cylinders by pulsations of air pressure in the exhaust system

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 8

Advantages: simple and quick test for rapid assessment of comparative compression by cylinders, suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines;
Disadvantages: it is impossible to obtain objective information about the pressure – the test can only be used to compare cylinders, as a primary assessment of their condition; an oscilloscope and a pressure / vacuum sensor are required;

Well, okay, that’s all clear with this, and don’t tell about the whole lecture with the text, you know that “everything must be tasted”.
And the most “tasty” is precisely the “nuances”. It is they who drive many to a standstill, and they also bring profit both morally and materially.

But I repeat, in order to assure you that I’m not doing advertising now, but telling it as it is: there were people who could be attributed to such a technical class as a “playing coach-auto-diagnostics”, or in another way: “Leading and managing staff of car services” . They needed a lecture. I don’t know, either to refresh my memory, or to listen to the intricacies that you can’t hear about on the Internet, especially from the “first person”, from Sergey Pavlovich Gazetin, who can be called a “self-diagnosis from a plow”. Such a person simply does not have time to “hang noodles” or “beat around the bush,” explaining one or another technical point: only specific, tested explanations, clarifications and clarifications.

When during the break we talked with Oleg Filonov from Rostov-on-Don (below in the photo)

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 9

We remembered the end of the 90s when both he and I came from far to Moscow to Gazetin to purchase equipment.
Speaking of Oleg. It works here:

This is a car service “Pikhtin-auto.” Oleg can be called a “playing technical trainer”: he provides regular technical training for car service specialists, and also helps his employees in the workshop if someone has a “gag”. It must be assumed that technical issues in this service are resolved promptly, a record for repairs says about this – about 300 cars a week go through this car service.
And it would seem that with such a stream of cars, what should I think? Know yourself repair, but collect the money. However, the fact of the arrival of Oleg Filonov can say that the leadership of this car service is aimed at the development perspective, since knowledge is not superfluous.

Gordeev S.N. flew to the conference from Yekaterinburg (in the photo below – second from the left).
He can also be called a “playing technical trainer..

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 10

Frankly, I wonder where Gordeev’s time is..
And to keep the car service in perfect order (recording for diagnostics and repair for three weeks in advance), and to Japan-China to fly to solve cooperation issues, and do tennis, and write a book on hybrids (will be published soon), and much more.

And another important component of such an event is communication:

V Conference - Auto Repair Technologies 11

If a person has a certain focus on communication, then he will find him.
I will give only one (but indicative) example: remember, a year ago Gordeev S.N. gave a lecture on marketing? And there were also a lot of people from the “top management”.
So, listen on, but I won’t give names.
Now in Moscow and further in the regions the so-called “network car services” work. One, the very first, could not have been formed if its leader and founder had not gone to study to Gordeev.
Do not believe? Yes, I was shocked when I found out.
In short, why go wild, I say openly: we have remarkably smart people working in our auto-diagnostics in Russia who really look into the future! And if we discard all the “diagnostic garbage and foam”, then the output turns out that the auto-diagnostics in our country do not die, it’s on the rise, you just need to skillfully and subtly help to stand on its feet.
I must say right away that you should not rely on the state, the state has so many worries that they have no time for diagnosis. Want an example?
About 12 years ago I was young and hot.
Activities unfolded seething! I’ll come there, I’ll call him. With that and with another conversation … finally, the understanding came that without the participation of the state, things could not be moved. And I had to go there.
In response, they kindly elegantly clicked my nose, saying that the topic is serious, the topic is very, very important, we understand all this and are very, very worried, but … and then there was an ordinary official reply.
So you need to rely only on yourself and … on whom else?
If Russia has only three friends: the army, navy and VKS, then the self-diagnosis of friends will have more: his head, wife, children, colleagues and repair manuals. That’s just them and you can trust. All the rest to send far and long.

Not immediately, but the understanding that “working for the future is more profitable and more profitable” will be understood by those people from the “near diagnostic party” who are now focused on the motto: “All at once!”.
Alas, this does not happen. You have to bend over, suffer, work out hundreds of cars.
You can’t talk here, you have to carefully weigh everything and prepare for the marathon.

Are you ready for this? Then come to our forum of the Legion-Avtodata company, there marathoners of automobile diagnostics just gathered.
And also, on August 24, 2017, the Auto Diagnostics Forum will be held.
I will not and can not advertise, because I do not know how everything will turn out. But in some ways it will be interesting!

The fourth day of our Conference is over. Was it useful?
Yes, but only for those who were at the lecture: after the end of the Conference we will publish video clips with reviews.
And the last thing (I didn’t know what I would say): knowledge can be kept in one’s head and boasted in front of oneself. But it’s much more correct to monetize your knowledge. But there is a peculiarity: only deep, fundamental knowledge can be effectively monetized.

And the very last: we invite you to the Auto Diagnostics Forum,
to be held on August 24, 2017. More details:

Forum Topics:
• The Future – J2534 (S. Svetozarov)
• Access to manufacturers’ information – is it possible to implement the experience of Europe and the USA in local conditions (M. Kalinin)
• Prospects for the development of domestic information systems (B. Osokin)
• Diagnostics of the engine and transmission according to the analysis of the oil working in them (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor R. Nigmatullin)
• How to make money in modern conditions (V.Postolovsky)
• Swap as a method of solving problems of modern engine building (V. Pashchenko, Ufa)
• Car services: pressure from supervisory authorities (S. Gordeev, Yekaterinburg / D. Shamsutdinov, Ufa)
• Warning of car services about possible judicial claims (based on the experience of forensic examinations) (V. Drozdovsky / A. Khrulev)
• Awarding of the winners of the Olympics super finals.


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