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Video cameras traffic police

Video cameras traffic police 1

Video cameras traffic police

As the saying goes, the need for inventions is cunning. Before the traffic police got the latest technological advances, namely video cameras that are installed not only on city streets, but also on some problematic sections of suburban roads, they immediately found methods that road users actively use to avoid punishment.

The video recordings of the cameras are carefully studied, violators are identified and, by post, send notifications to the violators of the need to pay a fine for speed violations. What is the best way to avoid the need to pay a fine and save a significant amount of money, all the more valuable in the face of a financial crisis looming over our country??

From a legal point of view, you can simply not receive a letter with a notice of a fine, and by mail it will be sent back to the sender. In this case, law enforcement officials will most likely wait until the owner of the motor vehicle who has been penalized comes to undergo another technical inspection, and then they will be presented with a complaint. Thus, using this method, you can only delay the loss of your money, but in the conditions of gradual, but nevertheless inevitable inflation, it is likely that by the time penalties are paid, the cost of the money supply will be much lower than at the time of the violation.

Some extreme lovers use the second method, which helps to avoid claims from law enforcement agencies. They simply rent rooms and drive around the evening city at their own peril and risk. Outdated vehicles of the traffic police do not allow them to catch up with the column of frisky violators. But this way is mainly used by young people. In addition, driving without license plates is an additional violation, and in this case, if you get caught, you will not only have to pay a fine, but also confiscate your vehicle.

Another way is to attach your license plates so that when moving under pressure, the masses of the oncoming air unfold them in a horizontal position, then no surveillance camera can detect the intruder. But, experts say, this method can only work at very high speeds. Correspondents of the press used some dyes on themselves, which began to be widely offered in the auto parts markets, which supposedly hide the number if fixed through the equipment, and made sure that this method does not work in practice.

The frames were also tested, which darken when current gets on them. This method works more or less, although it was tested only with a digital camera, but according to experts, police equipment works on the same principle..

But still, drivers with great experience on the road, recommend purchasing special anti-radar equipment. Although this device only works on equipment that is equipped with motion sensors, at the moment this is by far the most reliable and legal way to avoid fines.


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