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Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle 1

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle 2

The beetle is a small quirky insect that does not let anyone take it by surprise. He feels great during the flight thanks to good coordination of movements and excellent maneuverability. It is also worth noting the nervous system of the insect, which accurately performs the commands of the ganglion system, which replaces the brain with it. Synchronized movement – excellent quality not only of the insect, but also of the city car.

It is to this class of cars that Volkswagen AG belongs, which was produced in 1938. This little bastard can set a new record in the Guinness book – twenty one and a half million cars were produced without making adjustments to the basic structure.

Today, the legendary Volkswagen AG is renamed the Volkswagen Beetle. This is a comfortable four-seater hatchback, which has become the hallmark of the model body of the automobile company Volkswagen from Germany. Of course, it was impossible to leave the original design, if only for environmental reasons and fuel economy. The third generation has undergone significant changes, becoming more comfortable, ergonomic, powerful. At the same time, the joint work of German designers and engineers allowed us to recreate in the new line of cars that delightful and charming look characteristic of this old man.

A comprehensive reunion of cutting-edge technology and authentic styling puts the new Volkswagen Beetle one of the most comfortable means of transportation around the city in modern times. Low appetite, high level of security, as well as dynamics of characteristics – factors that will be appreciated by an active and purposeful society.

The experienced motorist and the novice in this area will also be pleased with the technical component of the car. The new Beetle is equipped with power units of 1.2 or 1.4 liters. One hundred five and one hundred and sixty horsepower respectively – this is what your personal city transport can hide under the hood. Specially designed engines delight in their efficiency, outstanding wear resistance and, last but not least, environmental safety. Of course, nothing prevents you from choosing between a manual and automatic transmission.

Compared with the previous line, the car lengthened by 15.2 cm and expanded by 8.4 cm. The new Beetle also increased the boot volume by 101 liters – now from 310. The changes made the hatchback even more functional and convenient for urban use.


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