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Volkswagen Bora

Volkswagen Bora 1

Without keyword

Volkswagen Bora: “undermines when refueling”

Volkswagen Bora
(adjusts when overgassing)

I don’t call either the make of the car or the engine, this is not the point. I only note that the engine was gasoline.
Customer complaint: “Triggers when relocating”.
The first step was an external hood inspection. The ignition system, the ignition module and everything related to it.
A careful inspection helped, something incomprehensible was discovered: the high-voltage wires were as if bitten by someone …
Looked closely … one of the bare wires was literally a few millimeters from the body. With a sharp pressure on the gas, the engine and gearbox shifted, the gap became even smaller … hence the interruptions in the motor.
What reason is this?
Second attentive look. After him came the understanding:
“The wires are bitten by rats”.
The spark plugs were also not in the best condition..
I had to replace both BB wires and spark plugs.
The client no longer had problems with this malfunction.
Recommendations were given to the owner of the car:

“Try to keep the car away from the garbage” …

Such problems are addressed to us, if not often, then regularly. Interested in: “You can somehow fight this.”?
I looked at the forums, smiled:

  • Do not turn off the car! Let ss … beat the current!
  • Suspension car!
  • … it is necessary to put cheese, so that they would not burst on wires)
  • There are repellers for rats, they work from the battery
  • Have a little animal, so feed! Do you think they are gnawing wires from satiety? Greenpeace is not for you. )))
  • … I recommend keeping the hood open, the rat usually starts to nibble if it can’t get out (the janitor told me this)

Well, as usual … not a single serious advice. However, one tip I read carefully:

The first time a rat climbed up to me and gnawed a heater, I prolazed everything and found the only remedy – a spray from the German company LIQUI MOLY. They need to spray all the wires and after 14 days repeat this operation. It should be enough for half a year. A spray can costs around 500 rubles. My rat has disappeared …

Volkswagen Bora 2

Volkswagen Bora 3

Volkswagen Bora 4

Volkswagen Bora 5

There are electronic means of struggle:

The Tsunami-4 repeller creates ultrasonic radiation with frequencies in the range from 1 to 50 kHz.

Volkswagen Bora 6

Which option is better?
As always, the Internet answers:

“They’re like cockroaches … and they’ll get used to the spray, and to the electronics… they will gnaw the wires, drink the spray, and dance under the radiation,” -)

Interesting, but “how are they?” In the same America? There, probably, they solved this problem long ago?
No … it turned out to be more serious:

Volkswagen Bora 7
Volkswagen Bora 8
Volkswagen Bora 9

Rats chew on car wiring, and Americans, as a rule, never look under the hood, and cars flash one after another.
But also many private houses are burning because of rats:

Volkswagen Bora 10
Volkswagen Bora 11

In the photo at the top right, the cause of the fire: a broken wire … interesting, but they heard about such a device as an RCD (residual current device)?

In America, the fight against rats is put on a super-scientific approach. True, there are only a few companies that actively offer their goods, for example, this one:

This picture shows how the device works..
The ciliary muscle in the eye controls the expansion and contraction of the pupil. The usual adjustments made by this muscle are small. In response to the strobes in a dark (naturally dark or becomes dark at night) environment this muscle has to make dramatic adjustments (140-180 times per minute). An ophthalmologist I spoke to, at a world-renowned clinic in Scottsdale AZ, likened it to this: Imagine you lift a ten pound dumbbell weight one time. Then imagine that you lifted the same weight 1,500 times in a ten minute period. Your arm would be hurting for days. The ophthalmologist said the strobes would have the same effect on rodent (and other animal pests ’) eyes. RESULT: THE PESTS LEAVE.

The basic principle is the strobe effect. But many questions arise! For example: “and if the rat turns back to the device?”.
We pass by this “rat” problem, but the problem remains.
For example, in the UK, rats gnawed control cables on the railway, because of which 20 trains were canceled, and 99 trains left very late, – rail-transport / 7139748 / Rats-attack-the-railways.html
Surely in Russia there is similar … but back to the cars.
What to do? How to avoid this misfortune?
Of everything viewed, of all the tips, the most
the application advice seemed real
Marder-Schutz-Spray – Protective spray from rodents
Volkswagen Bora 12

Protects rodents from damage to wires, rubber and plastic products in the car, preventing expensive repairs. A mixture of odorous substances repels rodents, but is absolutely harmless to the environment and animals. Process all plastic and rubber parts from all sides. Repeat treatment every 14 days.

We can only defend ourselves, because it is useless to fight Nature.

Mikhail Evgenievich
Car service “VTS”
Suzdal St. 9
You can call during business hours:


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