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Volkswagen Caddy – versatility

Volkswagen Caddy - versatility 1

Volkswagen Caddy – versatility

Volkswagen Caddy - versatility 2

If the machine is practical, this does not mean at all that it should differ in large dimensions, but if any are observed, this is generally good. On a machine considered as universal, any type of power unit can be installed. Again, in most cases, diesel is given priority. If the plans include the use of the car on roads of increased complexity, it should not be distinguished by utilitarianism, focused only on endurance and power, although reliability has never been considered an unnecessary quality. Many experts tend to consider the VW Caddy to be the ideal machine in this regard..

The new generation Volkswagen Caddy is very similar to the “brother” in the Golf concern, especially the bow of the body. The similarity of geometric lines, fixtures of lighting equipment, the presence of chromium on the grille.

The car from the inside is also a typical representative of Volkswagen’s traditional technical regulations. However, after the update, which affected the center console and the use of innovative finishing materials, Caddy acquired a solid aesthetic appearance. Maybe some will find the trim and equipment boring, but the rigor of the car clearly goes.

A commercial or family car should have free space, this is critical, therefore VW developers have given priority to this issue. The arrangement of body doors is well thought out, the front seats and rear seats are convenient and comfortable. The rear sofa is equipped with a transformation function, the use of which opens the voluminous luggage compartment.

A commercial vehicle must carry a lot of weight. In the technical documentation of Caddy it is indicated – 741 kg, a lot of this, or not enough, to judge users. But, as is customary with the Germans, the power unit leaves the most vivid impression. In the light of diesel engines, this is a turbine-reinforced installation with a volume of 1.6 cc and a manual transmission (5 gears). The most important advantage of this motor, its efficiency. More than 6.5 liters in a combined cycle of movement the machine will not require.

Like any VW, Caddy is distinguished by effective handling combined with dynamics and stability on the course, and the tuned suspension protects the body from rolls when performing high-speed maneuvers. Active engine with excellent traction. True, the unloaded car is somewhat harsh.

The price list of the car is diverse, in addition to the above, you can choose one of the gasoline ICEs, for example 1.2 cc, or the most popular generation with a 2.0 diesel engine, convincing power. The VW concern is famous for its small-sized turbocharged ICE, but the choice, of course, remains with motorists.


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