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Volkswagen Cross Golf

Volkswagen Cross Golf 1

Volkswagen Cross Golf

Volkswagen Cross Golf 2

Volkswagen Cross Golf is based on the Volkswagen Golf micro-van. This car was first presented to the general public at the Paris Motor Show in 2006. In European countries, went on sale in 2007. He entered the Russian markets much later..

Volkswagen Cross Golf has a plastic plumb around the perimeter and is equipped with additional underbody protection, thanks to which the car is protected from aggressive abrasive dirt roads. And the improved geometric passability, achieved due to the increased clearance, it was increased from 150 to170 mm. Despite the fact that the Cross Golf suspension is a little strengthened, it’s still worth the risk, and driving on the road is not worth it. The support patency was made exactly the same as that of an ordinary Golf.

This car is equipped with an engine capacity of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 102 horsepower. From a standing position, he gains 100 kilometers per hour in about 12.2 seconds. Also, this car is very economical, it consumes from 10.5 to 13 liters per 100 kilometers traveled. On the road he behaves very obediently and reliably. At high speeds, it is stable, has minimal rolls on bends and it has an almost perfect tuning for electric power steering.

Manufacturers of Cross Golf installed stiffer shock absorbers and anti-roll bars than Golf. On all four doors there are large pockets for bottles, and in the front the drawer is cooled and heated. For a fee, you can install additional boxes on the ceiling and folding tables at the back.

The seats have, of course, an insufficient level of comfort, the pillows on them are clearly short. The driver and passengers will have to sit almost upright. The back rows have almost the same position. And even if you try to adjust them, it will not be much better. The rear sofa is quite spacious, two very tall passengers will fit comfortably there, also the rear seats can be moved back and forth by 160 millimeters, and the backs are adjustable for tilting.

The two-story trunk has a usable volume of 395 liters, which is 45 liters more than a regular Golf. And if you fold the seats, then this volume can be increased to 1450 liters. And you can also fold the front seat by pressing the lever, thereby slightly more, increasing and thus obtaining an almost flat floor surface. Thus, it is possible to transport items up to 2.3 meters long. Noise isolation of this car is not very good, in the cabin it is very audible how the engine works.

In European countries, Volkswagen Cross Golf is available in four engine options: two gasoline and two diesel. Also available in three drivetrain options: the preselective DSG, the torque converter automatic transmission, and the manual transmission. But for residents of the Russian Federation, only a 1.6-liter gasoline is available, which is combined with a Tiptronic six-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission.


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