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Volkswagen Eos

Volkswagen Eos 1

Volkswagen Eos

Volkswagen Eos 2

The compact Volkswagen Eos convertible coupe was first shown in 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, two years later a production model was also presented there. This car appeared on the market in 2006..

Its length is 4407 mm, width 1791 mm, and in height it is 1443 mm.

Volkswagen Eos is perfect for both practical people and aesthetes. After a trip on this car, the impressions remain extremely positive, regardless of whether you were driving with a closed roof or under the open sky. He was named after the mythical goddess of the morning dawn of Eos. This is a four-seater convertible with an emerging roof. Eos has a new corporate design. He replaced the front of the body. Manufacturers removed the chrome trim, installed new headlights with special LED elements, the grille became vertical and three-way. The rear of the car was also subject to minor changes. As well as the front part, the bumper and headlights were changed. Headlights made completely LED.

The interior has also undergone a little editing. Changed the steering wheel and dashboard, began to use more varieties of leather materials for lining.

As additional options, a keyless entry system, adaptive headlights and a new forming roof made of metal became available for Volkswagen Eos and is remotely controlled.

This model has excellent driving performance, as well as a good interior and various additions to ensure the convenience of the driver and passengers.

Volkswagen Eos is equipped with front ventilated disc brakes and rear disc brakes. Also have independent spring front and rear suspensions.

Volkswagen Eos has a series of three four-cylinder in-line gasoline engines whose power: 122, 160 and 210 horsepower, they are paired with a six-speed system. The 210 horsepower engine can be combined with the DGS preselective gearbox and dual clutch. In addition, it is available with a two liter diesel engine, the power of which is 140 horsepower.

The maximum speed this car is capable of developing up to 232 kilometers per hour, and accelerates from a standing position to 100 kilometers per hour in 7.8 seconds. Fuel consumption when driving around the city is approximately 11.2 liters, on the highway – 6.5 liters, and when mixed driving is consumed 8.2 liters.

Trunk volume with a closed roof is 190 liters, and when open, the volume increases to 300 liters. The fuel tank is designed for 55 liters.

The Volkswagen Eos transforms from a coupe to a convertible with just the touch of a button. The roof, which was specially designed for this car combines the advantages of a convertible and a coupe, which has a sunroof on the roof. The roof structure consists of five sections that fold automatically in 25 seconds. The roof is controlled by a switch located on the center console.


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