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Volkswagen Fox

Volkswagen Fox 1

Volkswagen Fox

Volkswagen Fox 2

Volkswagen Fox is based on the PQ24 platform, it is an urban car that has been manufactured and sold in Latin America at the Brazilian factory in Curitiba since 2004, and it went on sale in European countries since 2005. Manufacturers believe that this car should be of interest to those who are just starting their work, and even those who could not afford to buy a car before. In the Brazilian market, this car is one of the most popular, due to its low cost. This model is produced in both a three-door and a five-door hatchback. There is also a CrossFox mini SUV. The length of this car is 3828 millimeters, the width is 1660 mm, and its height is 1544 mm. The useful volume of the luggage compartment is 260 liters, also this volume can be increased by folding the rear seats.

He uses the same engine as the Volkswagen Polo, he was assembled from the same parts Volkswagen.

It is equipped with an engine of 1599 cubic centimeters, a capacity of 101 horsepower, at 5750 rpm. It accelerates from a standing position to 100 kilometers per hour in 10.5 seconds. It develops maximum speed up to 170 kilometers per hour. It has a five-speed manual gearbox. The capacity of the fuel tank is 50 liters.

The interior of this car is quite spacious, easily fit four people of medium height.

At the moment, these cars are produced with engines whose power is from 55 to 75 horsepower, and the speed develop depending on their modification from 148 to 167 kilometers per hour. Also currently in Europe they sell only a car with a three-door body, and all other modifications are sold only in Latin America.

Volkswagen Fox replaced the Lupo car and became a direct competitor for the popular Dacia Logan among compact cars. The compactness of this model has become its one of the main advantages.

Manufacturers when selling this car went to a little trick. Selling this car at a fairly low price, by European standards, for each additional equipment that the owner wanted to install, it was necessary to pay separately, although without them driving on a Volkswagen Fox is quite comfortable.

Manufacturers equipped the car with frontal airbags and three-point seat belts on all seats, and there are pretensioners on the front. If the driver forgot to fasten his seat belt, then the built-in special warning light will remind him of this, and if the driver still hasn’t fastened his belt for six seconds, an audible signal will sound that will repeat after the car picks up speed above 100 kilometers per hour.

The disadvantage of this car is that it has very poor sound insulation, as well as all the electronics of this car is under the wheel and when using the stove in the winter season, it can heat up. The interior is made quite high quality, but the developers did not provide space for various little things. So, for example, there’s nowhere to put a mobile phone or keys in it.


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