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Volkswagen Golf and Mazda 3 – making the right choice

Volkswagen Golf and Mazda 3 - making the right choice 1

Volkswagen Golf and Mazda 3 – making the right choice

Volkswagen Golf and Mazda 3 - making the right choice 2

Much depends on tradition. For example, it is worth remembering that the VW Golf model has been well-deserved for more than a dozen years, and, as it were, is a “stumbling block”, the starting point from which the reference is made in this class. Whoever did not take this model into account when manufacturing their own, and Japanese engineers, including, however, their cars are still very different from European ones.

Today, choosing among one-class cars, users are faced with the question, which of them should prefer the traditional and proven European Blue Motion, or “put” on the Asian Sky Activ? In principle, both of them, having a number of technical advantages, are not without drawbacks. And the higher your driving experience and knowledge of all the distinguishing features of these cars, the more difficult the question of choice looks. Of course, cars are considered the best in the segment, so consumers begin to pay attention to various, seemingly insignificant little things..

For example, even the cost of the VW Golf Comfortline TSI 1.4 DSG hatchback (7) is almost the same as the price of a Mazda 3 Exclusive with an internal combustion engine 2.0 with automatic transmission. At the same time, various additional equipment is offered for both cars, and VW Golf has such a diverse range that it may be trite to have enough money to install it. Naturally, in cost, the machine automatically takes a leading position, which, at the same time, cannot be called an advantage.

But, recently, at Golf you can hear that the car is boring. It is excessively rational, although not without emotion, and its character cannot be called “explosive”. True, sales ratings convince him of his popularity better than other arguments, today the model has spread around the world more than 30 million copies..

Mazda 3 is a different question. The machine is aggressive, assertive, lightweight, and dynamic. Today’s model strongly resembles its predecessor of the first version, only the new “three” improved and packed with the most advanced electronics.

The salons of the models are very similar. Golf is important and restrained, without emotion. Mazda is bright, with a claim to sportiness, finishing materials and assembly in both cases are of high quality. The driver’s seat is comfortable, though the “German” has seat adjustments manually, unlike the “electronic” Japanese model. But the first impression is misleading, the Golf is very difficult, and those who wish to set the electronic settings of the seats can do this for an additional fee. The center console is slightly turned towards the driver, there is the ability to control multimedia and navigation using voice commands.

Engines are equipped with keyless start and “start-stop” systems, in the light of environmental tolerances and economy, however, the vast majority of motorists find the last option, if not redundant, then at least inconvenient, as it strives to shut off the engine as soon as the driver will provide the slightest opportunity, it’s good that there is a function to switch it off. Also, in Golf complaints are caused by the steering settings of the media system and door adjustments of the rearview mirrors.

On the move, the work of the Mazda3 ICE is completely dependent on the automatic transmission, because only the box selects the moment to switch to lower. The car accelerates not bad, but somehow hard, despite the external lightness. Course stability and top-level management communications.

Another thing is overclocking VW Golf. The turbocharged TSI powertrain and the highly operational DSG even make it doubtful whether this engine really has just 1.4 liters. At the same time, it’s quiet in the car, it perfectly stands on course and does not annoy the vibrations from the roadway in the passenger compartment. In general, cars are worth the sums offered by manufacturers, and, in extreme cases, there are a lot of decent models in this segment at a more affordable price.


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