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Volkswagen Golf GTI W12

Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 1

Volkswagen Golf GTI W12

Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 2

Not so long ago, Volkswagen introduced its new unusual idea to the world. A Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 concept car would be developed. It is known that the Volkswagen Group owns many reputable car manufacturers. Thanks to this, the new GTI guesses the features of various car brands. A twelve-cylinder, 640-horsepower 6.5-liter Bentley Continental gasoline engine from Bentley Continental is inserted in the modified body of the Volkswagen Golf GTI-650. The undercarriage, namely the rear axle, brakes and suspension, is manufactured by Lamborghini, and the panels and carbon coating are from the Audi R8. Unlike other concept cars, with such significant capabilities (acceleration to 100 km / h in 3.50 seconds and a top speed of 337 km / h), the car does not have a futuristic appearance. The location of the engine of the car is rear, while the engine is so large that the manufacturer had to remove the rear seats. To cool such a powerful unit, a huge front air intake is provided, as well as large air intakes on the right and left sides in front of the rear wheels, which gives the car a very aggressive look.

The new Wolksvagen is 16 cm wider and 7 cm taller, unlike the regular Golf. The lower part of the car seems very swollen due to the shape of the body kits and air intakes. Wide 19-inch wheels also play their role. The roof is made of carbon fiber. It’s very funny that the car looks like a simple, well-tuned Golf, but the inscription “W12-650” at the back gives out all the power that is hidden inside.

The interior of the modern GTI will fully correspond to the taste of the driver who sat behind his wheel. Alcantara leather design sports seats. In the center of the panel, almost like an ordinary GTI, there are three round devices. Toggle switches for disabling some of the main functions, for example, disabling the digital stability improvement system on course, are equipped with special caps to prevent accidental switching. The driver can feel like a pilot of an airplane, lifting these caps before moving the toggle switch to another position. A fire extinguisher is built directly into the front panel, it is where we are used to seeing the glove compartment – from the passenger side. The door trim is more than modest, perhaps this is done to reduce the weight of the car, only shields are installed. Working door mechanisms are visible through them, the manufacturer decided to show that this model has a tough, sporty character to the detriment of luxury, which distinguishes it from most concept cars of this level. The interior design will surely appeal to fans of the classic Golf. Such a person will feel “at home” in him..

The car has a serious drawback – its handling. The car behaves unpredictably in corners, especially at high speeds. This is because the distance between the axles is small enough for a rear-wheel drive car of this power. It easily goes into a skid, but this is somewhat offset by electronic systems to keep the car on the road. However, when driving a car, the driver must be extremely careful and not allow sharp steering, especially if the electronic systems are disabled.

So, the new Volkswagen is a cheeky car for people who prefer speed and dynamics. Regardless of whether it will be mass-produced, this is a great example of how the equipment of a modern car can vary, because in essence it is the same Golf loved by many, but with the capabilities of a real supercar. The main thing is what’s inside.


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