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Volkswagen Golf VII 1

Volkswagen Golf VII 1 1

Volkswagen Golf VII 1.4 TSI

Volkswagen Golf VII 1 2

Golf has always stood apart in the C-Class. The current generation is not going to lose ground. Will it be possible to set the standard parent again? The appearance of the Golf has never been distinguished by the originality of design ideas. So it happened with the seventh generation – everything is simple, concise, expensive. Optics – both front and rear have an LED strip. These lights look very expensive. There are even certain similarities with Audi. The wheel arches are slightly expanded, making the body visually seem “whipped”.

The interior, in comparison with the exterior, looks much more attractive. The center console is ennobled with black lacquered plastic, and the instrument panel is hidden in the wells. Chrome-plated trim and firmware are visible everywhere. Plastic dashboard is very soft and pleasant to the touch. There are no ergonomic miscalculations – everything is located in those places where the driver expects to see.

The driver’s seat is comfortable, with pronounced lateral support, but at the same time not restricting movements. The seat material is practical and pleasant. The back seat will take only two, the third here simply does not fit. But for two, they have a central armrest, blower deflectors and comfortable placement.

The TSI series turbo engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters develops 140 horsepower. To realize the capabilities of this engine, the DSG robotic semiband box is designed.

Like all TSI engines, this unit has a wide even shelf of torque in the range of 1250-5700 rpm – it is in this speed zone that there is an opportunity to sharply “shoot”. And the Golf “shoots.” so much so that the wheels break into a slip even when shifting to second gear. The robot clicks the gears at an incredible speed and loves active driving, while at low speeds and in traffic jams it starts to “stupid” and randomly sort out gears.

Manageability could be called too correct and not reckless because of the predictable demolitions of the front end at the limit, and a little understeer. However, if you do not take these features into account, then Golf is quite capable of giving many happy minutes (or even hours) while driving. By the way, the steering wheel itself with a pleasant effort and good feedback.

The suspension is harsh, but elastic and does not break through on bumps. Riding does not suffer from this, although it is not the best in this class. But engineers worked hard on noise insulation. The engine is heard only with intense acceleration, and this is not a roar, but a whisper. Aerodynamic noises also do not penetrate the cabin even at high speed – which suggests that Volkswagen is aiming for premium.

Volkswagen Golf VII 1 3

Seventh Golf really has become a more “premium” car, and for sure other manufacturers will look at it again and again when creating competitors to it. However, German engineers should pay more attention to tuning the chassis in favor of better handling. Otherwise, Volkswagen risks losing part of its consumers.


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