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Volkswagen Iltis

Volkswagen Iltis 1

Volkswagen Iltis

Volkswagen Iltis 2

In order to use the German army in 1979, the Volks w agen Iltis was created – a multifunctional SUV. Its parameters were approved by the terms of reference as far back as 1975: load capacity of at least half a ton, speed, speed develops over 100 km / h, stable on sharp slopes of 60 degrees or more, high water traffic.

The designers of the Ferret (Iltis-ferret), having the practice of creating military cars and drawing on experience in developing an Munga fifties SUV, modified the structure by unifying it with other cars, making it more reliable. The Volks w agen Iltis project was a success, resulting in the output exactly as it was imagined by customers. The design of both bridges was almost identical – the levers in the form of triangles supported the wheels, the suspension springs had the desired degree of elasticity. The model did not have a transfer case, a reduction gear function was introduced into the gearbox. Four-wheel drive was designed so that the rear-wheel drive was connected if necessary, a limited-slip differential is provided. Hermetic body and chassis frame allowed to overcome ponds. A reliable bumper made of metal, as well as a tarpaulin awning eliminated the flow of water into the passenger compartment and the speedometer getting wet on the instrument panel.

If the car rolls over, a reliable safety cage will withstand impacts and will protect passengers inside the passenger compartment. Volks w agen Iltis is not very stable on the slopes of hilly terrain; when making turns, it can tip over through the front wheel. The designers had to work to make the car more stable, for this they moved the engine to the front of the Iltis, shifting the center of gravity.

In 1978 – 1979, the engine was changed at Ferret, installing a carburetor engine with a volume of 1.7 lbenzene. In the model used by the military, they made a waterproof ignition system. In the eighties, a diesel engine with a volume of 1.6 liters was installed. A capacious fuel tank, with a volume of 85 liters, provided the opportunity to go over 700 kilometers without additional refueling. The mains voltage was 24V in accordance with standard NATO standards. The result is an original Volks w agen Iltis model that attracts with its functionality and reliability..

Over time, Iltis became so popular that it turned into a city car – an ordinary jeep, which is in demand among nature lovers and tourists. A rigid body was installed on the model, replacing the tarpaulin roof, the seats and the interior became more comfortable.

After the Volks w agen Iltis was put on stream, Belgium and France became the buyers of the model for their armies. A little later, in 1983, the license for the production of Iltis was bought by the Canadians – the company Bombardier, which established the serial production of cars for their army. Until 1988, the Ferret issue reached 16,000 copies, then it was replaced by the Mercedes-Benz G-Classe.


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