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Volkswagen Jetta Alltrack

Volkswagen Jetta Alltrack 1

Volkswagen Jetta Alltrack

Volkswagen Jetta Alltrack 2

Volkswagen Jetta began to be produced by the concern in the last century. Start of sales dates back to 1979. For many years, the sedan remained one of the most popular among car owners. Recognizable design and practicality won fame among the owners of this car. All these years, the lineup was limited to only one sedan, which developed a stereotypical opinion about the model. Jetta has a lot of admirers in our time. Reliable design, high-quality assembly, catchy design and appearance. Actually so characterized Volkswagen Jetta.

The turning point for this model was 2015. The auto giant from Germany decided to radically change its traditions, starting the production of the Jetta, so far not seen by anyone. The story will be about the Alltrack crossover.

The name – a station wagon with increased cross-country ability is much more suitable. Combining the crossover and station wagon into a single whole made it possible to create an exceptionally attractive car that will not leave indifferent a large army of admirers. We ask ourselves what you can expect from this new product..

The station wagon show was expected last year. However, the manufacturer’s plans have been changed. The likelihood of showing is scheduled for spring 2015. Changes in appearance will not be as global as many would like to think. The basis will be taken on the appearance of the new generation sedan with a stern made in the traditions characteristic of German wagons. Recognition of the image will remain the same, but with a number of differences. Changing the front end touches the headlights and LED filling. The side view will completely change, since the image of the sedan will replace the station wagon. The salon will fully switch from the latest version of the sedan, taking into account the increased size of the dimensions. The luggage compartment will increase markedly. The convenience of the front seats, a dashboard that meets all the requirements, an information steering wheel – all this is provided to help the driver. Space for rear passengers will be much more. As for the options included in the initial package, they are quite extensive. Audio training, heated seats, airbags, climate control, rain and light sensors. The range of engines is represented by gasoline engines with a capacity of 150 and 200 forces, respectively, as well as a two-liter diesel engine.

Estimated price of Volkswagen Jetta Alltrack is around twenty seven thousand euros.


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