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Volkswagen Jetta Car

Volkswagen Jetta Car 1

Volkswagen Jetta Car

Volkswagen Jetta Car 2

The appearance of the car Volkswagen Jetta can not be called catchy and defiant, but it attracts attention. The body has classic proportions, and the rear optics are equipped with LEDs. This is a typical Volkswagen that everyone is used to. Why spoil what already brings stable profits and good sales?

The interior welcomes guests with soft plastic, good finishes and perfectly fitted panels. The instrument panel is recessed into the wells, and has an on-board computer in the center. The center console is equipped with a display that displays the control of various vehicle functions and a multimedia system.

The driver’s seat has a good profile, and tight corners will hold the lateral support rollers. At the same time, the adjustment ranges will make it possible for a driver of any complexion to get comfortable. The rear passenger row pleases with a beautiful sofa, but only two can accommodate on it with proper comfort.

Jetta hides a TSI series turbocharged engine under the hood, which with a volume of 1.4 liters produces 150 horsepower and 250 Newton-meters of torque. According to the passport characteristics, acceleration to the first hundred takes 8.7 seconds, and the maximum speed is 215 kilometers per hour.

The motor briskly picks up speed and easily breaks the sedan into a slip. Traction is enough in the entire working range of the engine. The DSG robotic transmission has seven gears. She briskly goes through the steps, but gets confused in traffic jams and at low speeds. Engineers promised to solve this problem by changing gear ratios in the first two gears and reflashing the gearbox control unit, however, despite the upgrade, the problem did not disappear.

Manageability can not be called sports, but if you wish, it allows you to play a hooligan on the road. The steering, which does not have high sensitivity, nevertheless, allows excellent cornering due to excellent informativeness and excellent feedback. Banks are also not large. However, at the limit of possibilities, the car demonstrates a tendency to understeer – the front part slides out of the curve.

The suspension is harsh. Riding on a bad road brings noticeable discomfort in the form of shaking and shocks, but the struts of shock absorbers keep bumps and do not break through. Of course, smoothness cannot be ideal in this situation, so Jetta can yield to her competitors in terms of ride comfort.

What can oppose Volkswagen Jetta vis-a-vis? First of all, the German sedan combines a good balance of driving qualities, and then comes the high-quality and comfortable interior. Suitable for both family people and as a corporate car or taxi car.


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