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Volkswagen Kafer

Volkswagen Kafer 1

Volkswagen Kafer

Volkswagen Kafer 2

The Volkswagen Kafer was manufactured by Volkswagen AG from 1938 to 2003, it ranked first in the number of cars produced in the history of the automotive industry, the number of cars produced was 21,529,464 cars! Previously, Porshe tried to arrange the production of this car, hoping to produce a small, independent suspension car, available for every German family, but it never became popular. In Germany, the Volksvagen is called a folk car.

Finally, as a result of numerous tests and improvements, this Volkswagen model came onto the conveyor. In its history, the car has been modified three times: a classic sedan, an elegant convertible and a model with a hatchback type body. During the Second World War, the car was used for the needs of the army. Militarized variant and telephone car – huge Volkswagen Kafer mobile unit.

Device: four-cylinder engine with a volume of 985 cm3, the rear axle is longitudinal, independent suspension, two and four-door. From 1938 until 1948, the company produced only sedans, and in 1948 the first four-door convertible came off the assembly line. In 1949, the VW Transporter Tour2 wagon analogue was launched. A little later an eight-seater bus and pickup appeared.

At the same time, a synchronized engine was installed on the car. In 1951, the car switched to diesel with a new engine capacity of 1.3. With two air coolers, it accelerated in 60 seconds to 100 km per hour. Volkswagen Kafer engine, otherwise Volkswagen Beetle is located at the rear of the car, engine power during the evolution of the car ranged from 34 to 50 horsepower, the rear wheels are driving.

For the entire time of modernization of the car, and this was during the periods of the 50s, 60s and 70s, Volkswagen Kafer changed its parameters and its equipment was improved. Car models with a rear engine were produced in three generations: a sample of 1950, 1967 and 1979 and they were produced until 1992 in Austria. A car of this modification was indeed considered mass in its class.

The latest Volksvagen Kafer model has a five-door hatchback body with five passenger doors. The driver’s seat is adjustable on three levels, which is very convenient on the road for long journeys. For safety in cars, an ASR system is used. The fuel tank has a volume of forty liters. The maximum speed that a car can develop is one hundred twenty-four kilometers per hour. Acceleration is possible up to 100 km in thirty seconds. It has four gears, the gearbox of the car is mechanics, the fuel used is gasoline.

One of the drawbacks of the Beetle is that it is unnecessarily “rotated”; therefore, it is quite difficult to control the machine at high speed, as it has great sensitivity to side winds, however, as with all cars with an engine at the rear. Also disadvantages include insufficient heating of the cabin, which corrodes the car and a fairly high fuel consumption.


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