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Small note about Volkswagen keys

volkswagen key

Small note about Volkswagen keys

In this article about programming of automobile keys we will begin with one of the brands, most popular in the world, Volkswagen. Our purpose is to warn you about possible difficulties and subtleties what can arise in attempt of independent programming of key or in order that it is correct to buy the transponder necessary to you and to choose workshop for programming of key. The system of immobilizers in the Volkswagen cars is divided into several generations, the approximate gradation of generations occurs by years, but in each case, the generation of immobilizer can not coincide as transition to another came from one generation gradually. Everything that we will describe in our article, can also be applied and to other brands of the VAG group (SEAT, VW, Skoda, Audi). For programming of key, you will need PIN from your immobilizer. At input of incorrect PIN, the car for some time passes into the Blocking time mode. At this time programming of key is impossible.

Volkswagen. Models about 1992 – 2000.

Information on keys in the Volkswagen cars of these years, is stored in the separate block (IMMO BOX). In these blocks the ID13 transponder, or its analogs, for example T5 is used. ID33, ID42, ID48 are less often used. There are two options of programming. The first option, we can copy on the new transponder information from already programmed key, that is make key clone. The second option if there is no programmed key, then it is possible to enter information on new key, at the same time we need to know PIN-CODE from immobilizer. And also, on cars of these years, the immobilizer can be disconnected safely.
For programming of keys it is possible to use the equipment both the dealer, and extended among owners of Volkswagen VAG COM (PIN-CODE does not read). Or it is possible to use almost any programmator for automobile keys capable to read PIN-CODE and to write down keys.

Volkswagen. Models about 2000-2003.

Information on keys in the Volkswagen cars of these years, is stored in meter panel. In these cars the transponder (chip) ID48 is used. In difference from the ID13 chip, the ID48 chip is not copied, that is it is impossible to make clone. On sale exists the ID48W transponders intended for copying of ID48 chips, but the procedure of copying not less difficult, than record of new key. Therefore we will not consider this mode in this article. The procedure of programming and the used equipment completely repeats the procedure of programming of cars about 1992-2000. Difference only that the ID48 chip is used.

Volkswagen. Models about 2003-2005.

These years changes have happened only that the producer began to use the ID48 chip prepared under make of the car (SEAT-TP22, VW-TP23, Skoda TP-24, Audi TP25) that is if you buy the ID48 chip for record in the car, you have to prepare previously it under TP23. The dealer will not be able to prepare the chip, they use already in advance prepared keys from the plant. Will be able to prepare the transponder or the seller of this chip, or in workshop on programming of automobile keys.

Volkswagen. Models about 2006-2009.

In models of these years the ID48 chip, but in difference from the previous generation, besides preparation of the chip under make of the car, before record of key is also used, in the chip it is necessary to enter information on the concrete car (Component Security), this code represents seven cells in each of which the two-place code. Six such cells are stored in the control package of the engine and all seven cells are stored in meter panel. To learn Component Security (CS) it is necessary expensive programmator, such as SUPER VAG, ABRITES, VVDI. The dealer will not be able to give information on CS. Let’s sum up the result, for programming of the chip it is necessary to use the ID48 transponder prepared under make of the car (TP23) with the entered data of CS. Competently it is possible to prepare the chip under record only in specialized workshop on production of car of keys. If to order key by VIN number, through the dealer, then it will come already prepared under TP23 and CS

Volkswagen. Models about 2010-2014.

Models of these years have also ID48 chips, but record of the chip requires its initial preparation on dump (Information on meter panel), preparation of the transponder (Chip) on dump without specialized programmator, such as SUPER VAG, ABRITES, VVIDI is impossible. For programming of clean ID48 address in specialized workshops. Or for independent programming or programming at the dealer, it is necessary to order key by VIN number from the plant.

Volkswagen Touareg till 2010.

All Tuaregs till 2010 have the KESSY block, information on keys (chips) is stored in it. There the ID46 chip is used. This transponder can be copied from working key on TPX4 clone, but if we have no working key or to us the discharge key with buttons of the central castle is necessary, we should program the chip as usual. As well as for all Volkswagens, for programming of the chip, we will need to know PIN-Code, preparation of the chip before record is required on models since 2006. It is possible to program the chip by means of the diagnostic VAG COM program (PIN-CODE does not read). Or it is possible to use almost any programmator of automobile keys capable to read PIN-CODE and to write down keys. Buttons of the central castle, at the same time will be programmed automatically.

Volkswagen Touareg after 2010.

These cars after 2010 go from SMART keys with expanded memory, it is impossible to copy (to make clone) such key. Before programming of new key or the chip its preparation on several blocks of the car is necessary. It is possible to prepare the transponder by means of the following specialized programmator of ABRITES, VVDI. Programming of such keys carries out or the dealer (ordered by VIN number key), or in specialized workshop on production of keys. To experiment or try the forces by such car, we categorically do not advise. Car repairs after incorrect attempt of record can cost the unfortunate master in the sum to 5000 dollars.

P.S. Sorry – we used automatic translate for this article. If something unclear – please write us and we’ll explain. Have a nice day!

P.P.S. If you interest buy key programmer – ask us and we’ll answer free.

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