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Volkswagen LT

Volkswagen LT 1

Volkswagen LT

Volkswagen LT 2

In Hanover, the first time the Volkswagen LT car rolled off the assembly line, this happened in 1975. Over five years, more than one hundred thousand cars of various modifications (LT28, LT31, LT35, LT40 and LT45) were produced. By the beginning of the nineties, all cars from the LT series were modernized.

The light enough LT had an independent suspension, brake pads pressed against the disc, four-wheel drive and a front axle shutdown unit.

LT46 belongs to the second generation of these trucks, equipped with engines with different volumes, diesel and gasoline. This type of truck is used, as a rule, for transporting people; its capacity is up to 17 people. Equipped with a comfortable lounge with seats, a functional dashboard: speedometer, motion recorder, thermistor and fuel gauge. Managed heating and ventilation system. Power steering, five-speed gearbox. The engine of this car is a turbodiesel, 95 and 109 horsepower. The driver’s seat is equipped with multiple functions, air suspension. The carrying capacity of the van is 2 – 2.5 tons.

In general, driving a Volkswagen LT 46 and traveling in it will give you pleasure, in addition, it saves fuel, consumption – 10 liters per 100 km.

New instances of the model have a modern design, nanotechnology, are famous for comfort, in addition, high safety and good equipment. Up to the cup holders in the chair cover.

The LT undercarriage is durable, has independent suspension, and the rear axle has a threaded beam. The buyer always has a choice of a drive axle – there are eight of them. The main gear is set in accordance with the purpose of using the car.

Volkswagen LT has 4 diesel engines of different power. Three of them – 2.5TDI (83, 95 and 109 hp) and 2.8TDI (158 hp) – are reliable and economical in fuel consumption. The power system is heated, does not freeze at low temperatures, antifreeze – 35 C is used for cooling, the battery is 450A / 95 A, the capacity of the fuel tank is 76 l. The warranty for these cars for two years, and a 12-year warranty against body corrosion.

All LT cars use reliable security systems. The wheels are equipped with disc brakes, effectively working during emergency braking. The ABS system is installed, thanks to which, in the event of a collision, body damage is minimized.

Type LT determines its mass: depending on the model, it ranges from 2800 kg to 4600 kg. In connection with this, the carrying capacity also changes..

Each modification of the model has its own characteristics. The “van” type modification has an enlarged doorway and a low floor. The rear doors open from 90 degrees to 270 degrees – depending on the wishes of the customer. You can install a sliding door. The cargo capacity is considerable, from 7 to 13 meters cubic.

Modification “wagon” is the best option for all types of traffic. Capacity 9 people or more than 13 meters of cubic cargo. A standard roof is in progress. Available in three versions of the base from three to four meters. Cargo securing is carried out using lifting loops. LT is very convenient to use in conjunction with a trailer. There is a modification of Volkswagen LT for any type of special transport: refrigerator, reanemobile, tow truck, even an armored car.


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