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Volkswagen Lupo

Volkswagen Lupo 1

Volkswagen Lupo

Volkswagen Lupo 2

The model of the Volkswagen Lupo car is small, even miniature in the Volkswagen lineup; it came off the assembly line in 1998. Lupo – in Latin this word sounds like a wolf cub.

It has a hatchback modification, the cabin is designed for four people, three doors. Body dimensions: 3.52 m-1.64 m -1.46 m, but since the basis is based on the Polo car, the interior is roomy. The body of the model is galvanized, and therefore guaranteed against corrosion for twelve years. Weight slightly over 900 kg.

The trim is made in good quality, in perfect harmony with the mirrors made with it in the same color. The dimensions of the cabin in connection with this are visually increasing. The front seats have an adjustment mechanism. The trunk has a capacity of 130 liters and a fuel tank capacity of 34 liters. Included power windows, adjustable steering column, airbags, holders mounted under glasses.

In the parent version of the car, there were three engines with a volume of D 1.7 liters and one engine with gasoline with direct fuel injection was equipped with Volksvagen Lupo in 1999. The engine has 4 cylinders, a volume of 1.4 liters. Very fuel efficient. Approximately 15% less than comparable.

In 2000, Volkswagen drove the Lupo GTI off the assembly line. Swift sports model, three air intakes in an elegant design are located on the front bumper. Wheel arches of unusual performance, tires 205 wide-profile. The seats for drivers and passengers are tightened with leather, the steering wheel is made in sports style. In the native configuration, power windows, heated mirrors, Xeon headlights, gearbox – six-speed, anti-lock and TSP systems, airbags. 1.6 engine with 125 hp Acceleration of a GTI car to 100 km takes place in less than nine seconds. At the same time he develops a speed of 205 km / h.

In 2001 and 2002, the Volkswagen Lupo model of the 3L TDI wins a competition among cars for the title of eco-friendly. It also has a very economical consumption of gasoline and diesel: with a mileage of 100 km – only three liters.

And the Lupo Windsor modification left the assembly line in 2003. The interior of the new Lupo car is equipped with a steering wheel trimmed in leather, the seats are made in a special style, the luggage compartment is chrome inside. This car differs from other Lupos in this line with fourteen-inch wheels, it uses 186/55 tires, protective linings are made in the tone of the body, taillights are tinted. The driving force lies in powerful engines, respectively gasoline in three models and two diesel.

Unfortunately, this Volkswagen model will not be updated anymore, because the owners of the company consider it inappropriate to update this model. Experts believe that this is due to too high costs for the production of Volkswagen Lupo, and from this it can be seen that this model is economically unprofitable to continue to produce.

In addition, the Lupo model is very tiny, of course, because of this, the circle of potential car buyers is narrowed to a minimum. In the near future, Volkswagen plans to introduce a new model to the world – Volkswagen Tupi.


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