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Volkswagen Miltivan: disguised limousine

Volkswagen Miltivan: disguised limousine 1

Volkswagen Miltivan: disguised limousine

Volkswagen Miltivan: disguised limousine 2

No matter how strange it may sound, businessmen who can afford a limousine or another expensive car get out of such a Volkswagen Multivan. Of course, you do not want to sit in the back seat with the three of you. And if there are more than three people? Even if such a businessman has a sedan, but he also has a low ceiling. Especially sedans can not pass difficult landscapes.

Let’s get down to business. The car is equipped with everything you need and even more: heated seats, all options, good visibility and much more. The maximum mark on the speedometer is 240 km / h. This means that for this car to take a mark of 200-210 km / h will not be a problem. Here it is – speed. But, unfortunately, the gearshift lever on the dashboard is like a hybrid car. Alas, you have to get used to this. The car has a high landing, which is sometimes not enough on the road. Dimensions are not scary either. Parking in reverse is very easy, even without parking sensors. The only thing to complain about is the power connector, which is not in a very convenient place. Nothing to complain about.

Its cross-country ability is a separate achievement for developers. Need to overcome a water barrier up to 30 cm deep? No problem. Need to climb a mountain at an angle of up to 40 degrees? Please, and even at full load. You can’t call the Volkswagen Multivan an SUV, but you can.

There is a lot of places in the car, and even more. You can enter it without tilting your head. And if you fold the rear seats, then in general you can arrange a meeting. Comfort for passengers is provided. Everyone has climate control.

Multivan – a car for everyone. Whether you are an ordinary factory worker or a businessman. And let them say that a limousine is more beautiful. Although modest, but full comfort and quite a lot of space. Also, do not forget the patency, about which the limousine driver did not even hear.


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