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Volkswagen Multivan

Volkswagen Multivan 1

Volkswagen Multivan

Volkswagen Multivan 2

The Volkswagen Multivan is so versatile that you can use it around the clock. Its unique salon can serve you as an office, and a dining room, and a hotel room with a comfortable double bed. Nevertheless, it is a good, comfortable car, accommodating up to eight people.

Multivan can be furnished exclusively to your liking. It includes seven seats, which you can arrange in the way that is convenient for you, which is possible with the help of a guide system that allows you to move the seats. The Comfortline version, equipped with a long wheelbase, can comfortably accommodate eight passengers.

Sufficiently comfortable and practical single seats with a swivel mechanism, as well as a triple sliding seat. These are not just seats, but transformer seats, which are easily decomposed and combined. With the optional Good Night package included, the Volkswagen Multivan transforms into a bedroom on wheels. Additionally, the complete set may include a swivel seat with armrests, a child seat mounted in it. This adult seat can easily be converted to a safe child seat with three-point seat belts.

The seats for the driver and front passenger are ergonomic, adjustable in height, equipped with support for the lumbar and armrests. It is also possible to equip the driver’s seat with electrically adjustable back support.

Guide system – for every environment

With the help of a system with four guides, you have the ability to move, install single, triple seats, as well as a refrigerator – a thermos. Multivan Comfortline and Highline models equipped with a six-rail system.

Volkswagen Multivan comes with athermal glazing as standard. That is, on all windows a special green tinted glass is used, which provides protection from solar radiation and interior overheating. Some versions of the model are equipped with special curtains that protect from prying eyes and bright sun. They are fastened to the lower part of the windows in the cladding, they are simply pulled up and fixed with hooks.

Multivan has an additional option, in which the glazing is made with improved sound insulation. Due to special glasses, the level of external noise is reduced by almost six decibels.

Multifunctional tables and niches

As standard, the Multivan Highline is equipped with a multifunctional round table with multiple compartments for different travel devices. If necessary, the countertop can be rotated ninety degrees, folded and fixed by the supporting structure. The table can then be moved using the center rails and placed between the seats..

Volkswagen Multivan is equipped in the passenger compartment with large sliding doors, which can be additionally equipped with an electric drive closing and opening system. Doors are controlled remotely or using a button in the driver’s cab, as well as handles. What makes it more convenient for passengers to board and drop off.


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