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Volkswagen Passat B8

Volkswagen Passat B8 1

Volkswagen Passat B8

Volkswagen Passat B8 2

The world premiere of the Volkswagen Passat B8 took place in October 2014 at the Paris Motor Show. In the European market, this car could be ordered before the French exhibition at the showroom. Russia will not see him until the summer of 2015.

The new car looks beautiful and solid. He has changed dramatically compared to his predecessor. Exterior Passat B8 sedan decorated in a more simple style..

Seen from the side, the car remains absolutely recognizable. The designers took something from the flagship Volkswagen Phaeton. The front and rear bumpers have changed, became embossed with aerodynamic elements and stylish fog lights.

The novelty received new LED lights that create a single unit with a grille. The domed roof of the new sedan emphasizes its impressive silhouette. The hood of the new sedan is long sloping, wheel arches “muscular” with large discs inside.

Passat B8 in its dimensions is included in the D-class of the European standard: the length, depending on the predecessor, extended to 4767 mm with a wheelbase of 2791 mm, the width of the car is 1832 mm, and the height reaches 1456 mm. The distance from the bottom to the roadbed is 145 mm (modifications for the Russian market have a clearance of 165 mm).

The interior of the new car is spacious, enriched with new buttons that are controlled by modern electronics. Electronics in the new car has become much more. Although the new car belongs to the class D, but in the interior it looks more like a premium model, as it looks spectacular and expensive.

A peculiar brand feature of the novelty is the dial on the top of the console. The console itself looks fashionable and modern. The steering wheel is multifunctional, sportily truncated at the bottom. Devices are a little “recessed” in shallow wells.

Inside, there is a multimedia installation with a display of up to 8 inches (depending on configuration), a climate control unit. The interior space looks rich, as the materials used to decorate the interior are of high quality: genuine leather, soft plastic, aluminum and natural wood inserts.

The driver and front passenger seats have a wide range of adjustments. Two people will comfortably sit on the back sofa, but there is enough space for the third. The sloping roof will only interfere with tall passengers, they will rest their heads against the ceiling.

Trump Passat B8 is the trunk. It has a perfect shape and high-quality finish, its volume is 586 liters. Thanks to the folding back of uneven parts, the trunk grows up to 1152 liters. A full-size spare tire is placed underground in the trunk, but dokatka, unfortunately, is not provided.

The new Passat B8 has a turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. The motor has direct injection with a 2-level boost. Maximum power in the first case reaches 125 “horses”, in the second – 150. The tandem of the power unit will be either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed “robot” DSG. Up to the first hundred, a car with a “junior” silovik accelerates in 9.8 seconds, with a “senior” – 8.5. The speed that a car is capable of developing is 207 (220) kilometers per hour. In mixed mode, fuel consumption is 5.4 (5) liters..

Three engines are available in the Passat B8 diesel line: a simple 120-horsepower TDI 1.6-liter turbocharged, medium – a 2-liter turbodiesel with a volume and power of 150 and 190 “horses” (depends on “pumping”), “top” – 2-liter 240-horsepower twin-turbo engine.

The brand new Volkswagen Passat is built on the basis of a modular system, which is often used to make Volkswagen Group cars. This version of the platform was used on Volkswagen Golf hatchbacks and the Volkswagen Cross Blue sports. The modular MQB system allowed to lose weight to 85 kilograms.

The car is provided with all modern electronic assistants. Steering gear complemented by progressive power electric.

Options and prices

Sales of a new car will reach the Russian market in the summer of 2015, and because of the appreciation of the dollar, many motorists cannot afford this purchase. The new car will be equipped with halogen front optics, keyless engine start, dual-zone climate control, an audio system with a touch screen, a set of airbags, an electric hand brake.

Optionally, it will be possible to order: a projector on the windshield, LED headlights, a pedestrian monitoring system, adaptive digital devices and a host of useful high-tech stuff.

The cost of the new Volkswagen Passat B8 sedan will depend on the configuration. In Europe, the Passat B8 is being sold since the fall of 2014, its cost starts from 26 thousand euros. A new car will arrive in Russia only with a turbocharged engine, a manual gearbox and will cost about 910,000 rubles.

For several years now, manufacturers of the Volkswagen Passat B8 have been hatching the idea of ​​releasing another new car in the station wagon and coupe. It is suggested that the model will be called the Volkswagen Passat CC. Journalists speculate that the new 8-generation convertible will be released. But this information is awaiting confirmation..


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