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Volkswagen Passat – with love for the people

Volkswagen Passat - with love for the people 1

Volkswagen Passat – with love for the people

Volkswagen Passat - with love for the people 2

The mass appearance of VW Passat cars of the 3rd generation in our country was observed in the 90s of the last century. Cars were delivered from Europe, and from more geographically distant places. This not only satisfied the requests of lovers by auto representatives of a reliable German automobile industry, but also saturated the secondary domestic market to excess, diluting it, frankly, with unclaimed metal junk in the West.

But, this is the past. The directors of the VW concern introduced the new model of the Volkswagen Passat collection – B5, and it served as an incentive in the further promotion of the module. The car has increased, gaining solidity, and, unfortunately, has risen in price. This is not surprising, new technological improvements, flawless assembly, comfort, and finally, the performance of the machine, which is more than worth the financial costs.

VW Passat B5 left the factory line in 2 body types: sedan, station wagon (Variant). The latter was highly appreciated in many European countries, the car is reliable, convenient, and, most importantly, practical.

It does not make sense to list the saturation of the Passat power unit, so many years of excellent operation. Briefly, recall: petrol, diesel engines with a cylinder 4,5,6,8. Cubature, from 1.6 to 4.0, powerful, from 101 to 275 forces. Various types of transmission systems work with them: manual gearboxes (5, 6), automatic transmission (4,5), separately, proprietary four-wheel drive 4 Motion.

It is believed that the modification of the VW B5 goes into oblivion, requires new-fangled gadgets, and other electronic aids. But, in the secondary market, these cars maintain a stable demand, although a lot of time has passed.

And today, the VW Passat B5 does not look retarded in equipment. On board the car are installed: airbag (2 pillows), in European versions 4, climate control, anti-skid systems, anti-skid, heated interior working section, ABS. Extrabudgetary options with bi-xenon, leather inserts and wheel casting (optional).

Owners of the VW Passat B5, sharing their experience in operating these vehicles, offer to pay attention to some of those. the nuances. Gasoline ICE is impeccable, requires timely service. The turbine, with proper operation, coupled with the internal combustion engine, will “survive” all the terms stated by the manufacturer (rivers: synthetic oil). Complaints about DMRV, ignition coil, exhaust system neutralizer voiced.

Passat B5 models with diesel ICEs will require motorists’ attention to fuel quality, otherwise they will have to purchase a new high-pressure pump and injection nozzles. Mechanical transmission is a monolith, but when purchasing a car with automatic transmission, it is necessary to conduct bench and electronic diagnostics, the unit is very expensive, complex, and demanding technologically.


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