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Volkswagen Pointer

Volkswagen Pointer 1

Volkswagen Pointer

Volkswagen Pointer 2

At Volkswagen Pointer, reliability and practicality are perfected. Absolutely everything in this car, starting from the front and taking into account all the small touches and finishes, has undergone a thorough review by Volkswagen manufacturers, and as a result has been brought to the highest level. In Russia, this model is called Pointer, and in Brazil and China, the model is distributed under the name Gol. This car set three world records for sustainability and endurance. He showed himself well in different climatic conditions and was tested by Russian roads. Pointer set a world record under the supervision of the International Automobile Federation in nine days, having traveled 25 thousand kilometers, changing fifteen drivers, twenty assistants, and at the same time not a single mechanic. This car has conquered markets in twenty-two countries of the world with its reliability, practicality and affordability..

Volkswagen Pointer Salon

The first distinctive and attractive impression is created by the updated front seats. With the help of sufficiently precise adjustment of the seats, the ideal position for the driver is easily and quickly selected. Also, the chairs have become so comfortable that they do not cause a feeling of “drowning”.

Volkswagen Pointer equipped with a new dashboard that has nothing to do with past models. With a soft coating made of molded plastic, such a dashboard creates a feeling of coziness and comfort in the cabin.

The appearance of the Volkswagen Pointer

Externally, the Pointer creates the appearance of a conventional urban compact car belonging to class “B” cars. Many motorists are trying to find similarities with previous models of this brand. For example, they find a profile similar to the Golf model or a similar front end to the Passat model. But all these are quite superficial parallels. Pointer completely separate, independent model, at first glance it may seem rustic, but having in its arsenal more than unusual and original features. It has a streamlined bumper in its modification, in many versions painted in body color, which is very rare among cars of this class.

Volkswagen Pointer boasts new headlights made of polycarbonate material, a beautifully curved hood with two distinctive grooves that frame the Volkswagen logo and extend longitudinally. We also improved the radiator lining, which beautifully envelops fog lights equipped with hemispherical lenses. This completes the improvement of the appearance of the front.

The rear-view mirrors in the Volkswagen Pointer have a new design, providing improved visibility. In addition, they are equipped with anti-noise filters that reduce external noise at high speeds. In the general look of Pointer, manufacturers have added many useful little things..

For all its apparent simplicity, the Volkswagen Pointer is quite attractive and modern. And with all his appearance he makes it clear that this is a car of the Volkswagen brand.


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