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Volkswagen Routan

Volkswagen Routan 1

Volkswagen Routan

Volkswagen Routan 2

Volkswagen manufacturers have extensive experience in producing minivans. One of the representatives of this class of cars is the Volkswagen Routan. Representing a seven-seater passenger van. Routan is rightly considered a collaboration product from Volkswagen and Daimler Chrysler. This seven-seater mini-van reaches more than five meters in length.

The Routan was improved by a new engine, with a volume of 3.6 liters of V6, which made this car even more powerful, but at the same time leaving fuel consumption at the same economical level. And this is a great advantage of this model, since earlier this car had not enough engine power.

Volkswagen Routan Salon

The cabin of the mini-van Routan accommodates comfortable and comfortable seats for seven adults, which provide maximum comfort for long enough trips. Also for the driver and passengers in the cabin there are a number of various amenities, for example, a home theater.

The interior of the Volkswagen Routan is quite pleasant and cozy compared to cars like the Chrysler. It has the appearance of an impeccable living room where you can travel with your family. And while driving, this car will provide pleasant and easy driving for the driver, as well as an extensive and convenient overview of the road. Since 2011, new fabrics for the interior, as well as new colors of the interior of the cabin itself, have been presented and available in this model. A more convenient and comfortable stay in the car during long trips is facilitated by perforated seats that come with a pillow under the head and armrests.

In addition, Volkswagen Routan in all its trim levels has a new leather steering wheel with multi-function control. The gear knob is also trimmed in leather and numerous sensors have a completely updated design..

Specifications Routan

As mentioned above, this car was updated with a new engine of 3.6 liters, which was estimated at two hundred and eighty-three horsepower. Routan was also equipped with a six-speed automatic gearbox, which gives much more power than in previous models, which have a 3.8 and 4 liter engine.

To provide greater safety for passengers, Volkswagen Routan was equipped with two-stage front airbags, head-mounted airbags, ABS with emergency brake function, a tire pressure monitoring system, an electronic stability control system, traction control and a monitor. Since 2011, new Routan models have added side airbags for the front row of seats, plus an airbag for the driver’s knees. Also added such additions to the security system as: rear view camera and driver assistance system when parking a car.

Volkswagen Routan has a body shape similar to its competitors such as the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country. Although not a small car, it is almost the same size as some of its competitors Nissan Quest and Toyota Sienna.


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