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Volkswagen Santana

Volkswagen Santana 1

Volkswagen Santana

Volkswagen Santana 2

Volkswagen, one of the largest manufacturers in the global automotive market, has introduced the new Volkswagen Santana. It is a sedan, the basis of the body of which was taken by Volkswagen Passat (B2). This model has become well known around the world and had different names, in North America – Quantum, in Argentina – Volkswagen Carat, in Mexico – Volkswagen Corsar. Santana won the most significant success in China. And for good reason, this model has become so popular in places in South America and China, the price of Volkswagen Santana made this car truly popular.

The appearance of Santana

This model has some similarities with SKODA Rapid, especially in appearance they are very similar. However, there are a lot of differences. Santana is a real sedan compared to SKODA Rapid, a sedan with a slightly protruding trunk.

Ahead of this car has similarities with its budget classmates such as the Volkswagen Polo Sedan and Seat Toledo. But it also has special branded details and touches that are characteristic of Volkswagen brand representatives. In turn, Santana has enough similar parts with the new generation cars, for example Volkswagen Jetta and Passat. In appearance, Santana is a fairly simple and ordinary sedan with a minimal amount of original ideas. However, this does not need a budget car at all. The rear view of the Volkswagen Santana is completely individual. This car obviously stands out between the same cars of this class..

Volkswagen Santana Salon

Inside, this model includes a well-designed design and ergonomic solutions. Even in the standard configuration, the car is equipped with a parking sensors, air conditioning and airbags in the front and sides. Thanks to its ergonomics, this car will not complicate and will not require too detailed study. The dashboard in Santana is made in a strictly thought-out strict style, quite informative, easy to read and convenient. Also in this car is a convenient and multifunctional steering wheel.

Despite its budget and small size, Santana can comfortably accommodate the driver and passengers, thanks to its wheelbase. The rear seats comfortably accommodate three adults, and the extra space is especially impressive. The luggage compartment has a volume of 480 liters.

Technical features of Volkswagen Santana

The new Santana is available in two versions with different gasoline engines. In the first case, it is a powerful unit with a force of ninety horsepower and an engine capacity of 1.4 liters. Fuel consumption with such an engine is 5.9 liters per hundred kilometers in mixed mode. In the second case, it is a more powerful engine, with a power of one hundred and ten horsepower and a volume of 1.6 liters. In this case, the fuel consumption is six liters per 100 km.

Santana is equipped with a mechanical five-speed gearbox in all versions. Automatic transmission is not provided for this model, since it is a budget car.


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