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Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco 1

Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco 2

Volkswagen Scirocco got its name from the southern Italian wind and for good reason, because it embodied freedom, speed, elegance and beauty and became just such a warm wind in the global automotive industry. At Scirocco, any car enthusiast will be able to realize their dreams of power, comfort, aggressiveness and elegance. This model is particularly safe and reliable, despite the fact that it has a coupe body, inside there is enough space for passengers and their luggage. Already as standard, there is all the necessary driver assistance kit: ABS, airbags, lift start assist function, dynamic stability system and much more.

Sports style Scirocco

The expressive and sporty design of Scirocco will not leave anyone indifferent. Its muscular appearance conveys all its power and energy, even at rest. Powerful rear view of the body, wide wings and a great view of the front part, all this immediately makes it clear what strength and power in this car.

Scirocco presents the new face of the Volkswagen brand, which is clearly admirable. The striking design of the halogen headlights, wide taillights in a new look that perfectly complement the body shape will not disregard. Elegance in style is added to the exterior mirror housings, bumpers, door handles painted to match the body color. And the Donington titanium discs finally set off bright and extravagant accents of the Scirocco exterior design..

Volkswagen Scirocco Interior Design

This salon is fascinating at first sight with its sophisticated details: a clearly organized dashboard with white backlight, matte chrome unusual trim, door handles in the shape of a horseshoe. The front seats are made in a sporty style, for rear passengers a profiled sofa with headrests is offered, providing maximum comfort and protection at any high-speed mode. A panoramic sunroof with electric drive will help you enjoy the ride, giving you the opportunity to look at the outside world from the other side.

Elastic bends of back lamps

The taillights at Scirocco perfectly follow the body shape and complete the overall expressive design of the car. And the clear contours of the headlights, underlined by narrow lights, resemble an incision in the eyes..

Powerful alloy wheels

Originality is given to the appearance by titanium wheels of the seventeenth size with tires that come in the standard version of the Scirocco with an engine capacity of two liters. Seventeenth-size Donington wheels in the sports package maximize vehicle speed.

One has only to be on the track with a Volkswagen Scirocco, and you will feel the full power of a TSI engine, although this is not the most powerful engine in Scirocco engines. In modifications, three transmission options are possible: six-band mechanics or automatic, and a seven-speed automatic has also appeared. Complete with a two-liter gasoline engine, this car simply creates miracles on the road, making you the king of movement.


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