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Volkswagen up!

Volkswagen up! 1

Volkswagen up!

Volkswagen up! 2

Volkswagen Up! is a four-seater front-wheel drive city car, class “A”, created on the multifunctional platform MQB.

Up! – A very compact car with dimensions of 3.54 m in length, 1.64 meters in width and 1.48 meters in height. At the same time, the wheelbase of the car is two meters four hundred and twenty centimeters, which allowed to achieve the maximum interior volume for a car of this segment. The luggage compartment is very large for a class “A” car, with a normal seating position, it has a volume of two hundred and fifty-one liters, with backs down – nine hundred and fifty-one liters.

In the appearance of Volkswagen up! there is a slight angularity, there is no radiator grill, convex wheel arches located at the maximum to the edges of the car. Looking at the front of the car, it seems as if she is smiling. This feeling is due to the intricate shape of a large bumper and air intake, in the form of a narrow black strip. Although the size of the headlights is smaller than other Volkswagen models, they are clearly visible. All these details give the appearance of originality and individuality in style..

The salon, which is assembled as if by a designer, has the same original and angular appearance. It is based on the so-called up! Elements: light, small boxes, adapted for any situation. The salon can be decorated in five colors, from black to bright red.

The tailgate comes close to the bumper, creating a holistic surface with taillights. The main criteria that guided the Volkswagen up !, are comfort and safety. Therefore, based on acoustic and vibration indicators, this model can be compared in level with cars standing one class higher, which is explained by the placement of load points and nodes on the car.

Volkswagen up! It is offered in five trim levels. Basic – take up !, medium – move up! and the most functional – high up !, which formed the basis for two more versions: black up! and white up !. Each complete set is equipped with a certain set of functions, the main and common of which is the City Emergency Braking system – emergency braking. At a speed of 30 km per hour, it automatically turns on and uses a laser radar to constantly scan the situation on the road.

Volkswagen up! equipped with gasoline engines, one liter in volume and power from sixty to seventy-five horsepower. Fuel consumption averages four and a half liters per hundred kilometers.

Also Volkswagen up! shows good performance in terms of security. It provides not only protection for passengers and the driver, but also pedestrians. A form of the front of the car has been developed in which the risk of pedestrian injury in a collision is reduced due to deformation of the space between the engine and the hood. Hood hinges have been optimized for the same purpose..


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