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Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen Vento 1

Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen Vento 2

Volkswagen Vento was first introduced in 1992. Italian Vento translates as “wind”. This car is based on the Volkswagen Golf 3 model and from the technical side is almost identical to this model. Vento’s external differences were in small details, such as: a radiator grill, characteristic lighting technology, an unusual bumper and body shape. In addition, this car was a little larger, thanks to a separate trunk, which in volume was equal to five hundred and fifty liters with rear seats not folded or 850 liters with folded.

Volkswagen Vento also had a fairly large interior in its segment of cars. The dimensions of this sedan were: length – four meters thirty eight centimeters, width – one meter seventy centimeters and with a height of one meter forty three centimeters.

The most common versions of the sedan are considered models with the index VR 6 and GTI. These versions are popular due to the rich and high-quality trim and of course, the most important thing – they are equipped with a powerful engine. Until 1993, the GTI model was equipped with a two-liter 8-valve engine, with a capacity of more than one hundred horsepower. And models manufactured since 1994 had a 16-valve engine, with the same volume and power of more than one hundred and forty horsepower.

Vento in version VR 6 comes in two flavors. The first has a front-wheel drive engine with a volume of two and eight liters and a power of one hundred seventy-four horsepower. The second version is presented in the form of four-wheel drive versions of Syncro, which appeared after 1994, and had an engine displacement of 2.9 liters and a power of one hundred and ninety horsepower. This version was the standard option..

Of course, such powerful engines with excellent dynamics will not leave indifferent any car owner. But we should not forget that you will have to pay for this with a very expensive service and high fuel consumption. Given that the consumption of an engine of two and eight liters per hundred kilometers has a consumption of fifteen liters of gasoline. Based on this, engines with a volume of “one and six” liters, a capacity of 75 horsepower or engines with a volume of 1.8 liters, a capacity of ninety horsepower are more affordable. Volkswagen Vento since 1996 has been equipped with an engine capacity of 1.6 liters and a capacity of one hundred horsepower.

The appearance of Vento has a good appearance, thanks to a well-assembled and high-quality painted body, which has a strong resistance to corrosion. Although the interior design of this car is a bit rustic, it is trimmed with high-quality and decent materials and is distinguished by thoughtful ergonomics.

The chassis of the Volkswagen Vento is perfect for those who like fast driving. In this case, the chassis does not require large investments during operation. This car has a harsh suspension borrowed from the Volkswagen Golf, giving thrills while driving..

The Vento car was distinguished by the comfort, reliability and quality inherent in the Volkswagen brand. It was very popular and was produced until 1997, then the new Volkswagen Bora was released instead..


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