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Volvo S40 – sedan, pickup, convertible

Volvo S40 - sedan, pickup, convertible 1

Volvo S40 – sedan, pickup, convertible

Volvo S40 - sedan, pickup, convertible 2

The model provides two types of engines: gasoline and turbodiesel. The concern in this version tried to take into account all the complaints of car owners who purchase cars from them. Volvo, so considered the safest of all the middle class, has now improved not only this indicator.

Much has changed in the design of the Volvo S40, starting from the game of color, and ending with direction indicators and headlights. The base for wheelsets has become larger, respectively, and the dimensions of the entire machine have increased.

This model has a security system. It was here that the basic equipment provided for an inflatable curtain. At the same time, manufacturers decided not to abandon the notorious airbags, which also come in the initial kit.

The chassis has undergone changes, which ultimately had a noble effect on comfort and the absence of noise in the cabin.

The dashboard of the Volvo S40 is now displayed in a completely different way, and the new owners note that it is much easier to drive. And the door became head of the management of mirrors and glasses, because it was on it that the buttons and levers that were responsible for their position were placed.


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