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Volvo S60

Volvo S60 1

Volvo S60 / V70

Volvo S60 2

With the advent of Volvo S60 / V70 cars, updated in 2004, we can now say that Volvo is not only safety, but also a car that drivers who like speed can like it. First of all, it should be noted that this is the appearance of more powerful engines and an increase in torque. Designers worked on the appearance of the car, changing the lighting equipment and bumpers. Two body styles, a sedan and a station wagon (VOLVO S60, or Volvo V70 respectively) will satisfy the tastes of any consumer. Not a bad basic equipment, which includes air conditioning and six airbags. Equipped a salon for the front driver and passenger, a convenient and multi-functional armrest is installed. Volvo S60 / V70 created for young drivers who value speed and comfort.

Car safety is ensured not only by good visibility through mirrors and windows, there is an electronic assistant that alerts the driver about the danger from the rear and rear from the side. The assistant is certainly good, but visibility through the glass is a very important safety condition. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the windows, both side and frontal and rear. Most often, the defect on the glass can be considered the opacity of the glass, from falling under the rubber of the wipers of abrasive pollution and mechanical damage from stone or hit on a branch when driving on rural roads. As if the damage was not received, you should immediately contact the car company and get advice on glass repair. If the defect is small, then minor repairs will be made on the spot there. If you need to replace the glass, then after selecting and buying it directly in the warehouse, the company’s specialists will qualitatively replace it on the same day. For this, there is all the necessary equipment and foremen. It is worth paying for such a small nuisance as soon as a chip or a small crack appears. Because in a short time the crack will become larger and cross all the glass, which will impair visibility, when it rains, water will enter the passenger compartment and spoil the car from the inside. Broken glass can damage the paint on the car body and corrosion will appear, which will result not only in the replacement of glass, but also in body repair.

You can also contact our car company if you want to produce high-quality tinted rear windows. Toning is done in the factory and is presented by the best glass manufacturers (AGC, Pilkington, Sekurit). This is not like tinting a film in a garage, which in six months will begin to come off and is afraid of mechanical damage.


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