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VW Passat CC

VW Passat CC 1
VW Passat CC

Without keyword

Last time I gave the person a word that I would find a malfunction.

I’m used to keeping my word. Let me remind you, the Passat CC car, the 2.0 L TFSI engine, the problem is with air (swirl) dampers. Sensors and control elements are excluded, since everything was replaced more than once, the suspects remained wiring. To check it, you need to get to the engine control unit. By the way, after replacing the engine and gearbox, the wiring harnesses were in terrible condition, hanging out, and not far from shorty. This fact inspired me the hope of the right path of searches. I got to the brain, connected, manually moving the throttle traction – the signal is in the permissible range of 3.8 V – 0.9 V. I pull the wiring. Signal OK.

Nowhere to go, you need to go on a test drive and check the signal on the go. And here the most unpleasant circumstance is revealed – our regular oscilloscope VAS 5051B has a dead battery. That is, he is not a rider at all. On a digital multimeter, you won’t be able to follow the signal – it changes too quickly. The output is either a pointer voltmeter or another oscilloscope. With the first, the exact option is a failure, albeit an interesting one. It’s good that six months ago I purchased for myself an oscilloscope-set-top box for the computer MasterMotor of Tula production.

So it’s time to try it. The program is quite powerful, more suitable for radio amateurs than for auto diagnostics. Honestly, I haven’t figured it out yet, but the potential is great. I was very disappointed that during the diagnostic process, the program crashed several times, sometimes even before the computer rebooted. But you need to check with something, so we rode with a laptop and a Disco-2 prefix from MasterMotor. It is unfortunate that I have not yet learned how to take a freeze-frame on it, and indeed the diagnosis was so exciting that I completely forgot to save at least some pictures. So, during the test trip, not immediately, but still it is discovered that the error appears immediately as soon as the signal to close the shutters appears. By the values ​​from the engine block, I see that the set position changes from 0 to 100% in a jump. The actual situation also changes, but not immediately, but gradually. Even somehow very gradually. Slowed down somehow.

This was noticeable even in numbers, but the oscilloscope confirmed my observations. There were no frames left, so I drew by hand. As you can see, when a signal is sent to open the shutters (red line), this process is much slower (blue line) than the engine would like. From here the error comes out on an invalid signal.

We return to the base and try to reproduce this fault on the spot. To do this, I construct the solenoid valve switch using improvised means.

You can, of course, use the actuator test using the device, but it is long and dreary. And I need to see directly the moment the actuator is turned on. I start the engine to create a vacuum and apply voltage to the valve. Reluctantly, the actuator opens the flaps in a waddle. I take off the tension – under the action of the spring they momentarily return to their original position. Here is the riddle. Vacuum comes, but not all at once. Is the handset pinched? No, skips the valve on the vacuum pump? maybe.

In general, I turned and twirled for a long time and blew this tube to different ends, and did not find the exact answer. And it is not necessary – the entire vacuum line changes in assembly, staboutum at this point about 2,000 p. Everything is cheaper than two collectors and a bunch of valves and sensors.


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