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Vw tiguan

Vw tiguan 1

Without keyword

Here is such a handsome man. Crawled, one might say. No thrust …

By sound and smell it is clear – diesel. True, good, little devil – I love diesel, the future lies with them.

It is a pity that they are not common in Russia. Therefore, experience is not enough. Interestingly, the Germans offer this two-liter turbodiesel with four power options from 100 kW to 125 kW. Not bad, 25 percent with software alone. I am sure this motor is capable of more.

The problem is not going. The spiral is on. This is good, there is a clue. Charge pressure error. Here it’s worth clarifying that a month ago the owner of this car already arrived, or rather he came to us to find out how much it costs to replace a turbine. In another service, they sentenced the turbine, but did not undertake to change it. I expressed doubt, maybe not a turbine, offered to come for diagnostics, threw off mistakes, the owner promised to think, left. And here he is again and again the same mistake. Now I have time and desire of the owner to understand.

I connect the scanner and, by this error, he suggests first of all checking the condition of the engine air filter and all the nozzles from the turbine to the engine. The filter is normal, and looking for a leak in the air duct is quite hemorrhoidal, so go to the next point – check the boost pressure. Is logical. But you need to do this on the go, that is, at a speed of 60-100 km / h. There are traffic jams on the street, and the rain is whipping. I lift the car on the lift so that only the wheels of the earth do not touch. Go! It’s cool, of course, but the scanner does not want to start checking the boost pressure. He probably feels that he is being deceived..

Okay, I’m manually choosing to check the boost pressure control valve and the boost control sensor.

Great, the valve clicks, the vacuum opens, closes.

And immediately it is proposed to check not only the operation of the valve, but also the change in boost pressure.

Just what you need! Big-headed Germans invented everything. And then the check fails.

And hints that it would be nice to check the boost regulator position sensor. This engine is equipped with an advanced turbocharger with control of the boost pressure not by dumping excess exhaust gases. And by rotating the guide vane, which directs the exhaust gas to the turbine at a certain angle. Accordingly, the turbine rotation speed and boost pressure also change. So, the position sensor monitors the position of the guide vane. It also needs to be checked.

Vw tiguan 2

To check out the bins, I take out a special stray, then a father-in-law a vacuum gun. And nano-mining from skolkovo. Nano tee.

I put the whole thing between the valve and the vacuum pressure regulator and follow the arrow.

The valve clicks again, the pressure also twitches. The regulator rod even moves. This is just great! So the guide apparatus did not jam. That is, we will not change the turbine. So what does the brain not like? Why does it throw an error and fail adaptation? Maybe the sensor itself is lying? I derive the measured values ​​associated with boost. The magnitude of the opening of the regulator is 96%. Now, to check the sensor, you need to move the stem. Special tool, of course! I connect the vacuum gun directly to the regulator. Pumping up, discharge … Pumping up … But there is no discharge!

There is a hunch, I hasten to check it. I connect an old friend – an oscilloscope to the sensor. Moving the rod with a screwdriver, I look at the readings.
0.90 V is the lower stem position
3.62 V – stock up
3.32 V is the displacement of the stem when the vacuum from the N75 valve approaches it.
It can be seen that the stem exits, but not the entire length.

Vw tiguan 3

Maybe the vacuum is weak? I squeeze the hose near the regulator and the pressure on the manometer rises sharply.

Everything is clear – the vacuum is lost in the regulator. The membrane seems to have broken. I don’t want to repair it and don’t know how, therefore the diagnosis is final – replacing the vacuum boost controller with the sensor.

Spare part came.
Diesel arrived.

In the first part I was looking for a malfunction, this time I fix it. The spare part quickly came to the original repair kit. In addition to the actuator itself, it also includes a plug for the turbine and oil supply pipe, new bolts and even varnish for fixing the lock nut on the rod.

That’s great! Check errors, old friends again.

Let’s go change, but not so fast. It is necessary to cool. Turbine though. In the meantime, changing the lamps, the client complained that the icon for the control system for burned out lamps is lit on the display. I even bought a marker. But errors on bulbs with one rear clearance are not limited. With difficulty I found a “M52 right-turn static lighting lamp”, the left “reverse” is generally a big hemorrhoids. It turns out that it is built into the rear bumper, do not change it without removing the bumper, so the bulb also does not change, you need to completely replace the lamp. The Germans were smart. It saved that the connector simply jumped off there, barely put it in place, but, for a while, I think the latch is broken.

By that time, the turbine had cooled down, the actuator is not so difficult to change, it’s good that all the special tools are available. However, I had to unscrew the locking nut from below from under the universal joint.

I had to tinker more with the setting. Here you can’t do without a vacuum gun.

I set it to 0, 760 V as it should, I tighten … According to the instructions, the range of values ​​from the upper to the lower position should be in the region (0.650-0.850V) – (3.0-3.4V). The new regulator does not fit into these parameters.

It either goes up or down. At first I was worried, then I remembered that the old one also had 0.9-3.6 V values ​​and stopped worrying. Indeed, the engine warmed up, the adaptation went without any problems, to see additional coefficients laid in the program. Well done, Germans. And me too. It’s nice when the work is done efficiently.


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