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VW Touareg (2008)

VW Touareg (2008) 1

Without keyword

Self-diagnosis – “not all days are full”

Diagnostic everyday life is over. To survive, you need to do everything in a row. It’s nice when a German car arrives in the form of everything. Even nicer if it’s a VAG band. More precisely, the Tuareg 2008 release. “The handbrake doesn’t hold,” the client says. Specifically, on this machine – a “scissor”. We ought to see what’s there with the parking brake pads. Here, the main brake mechanism at the rear is a disk. And the brake pads are hidden in a drum, which is made integral with the main brake disc. So on the old “Japanese” did.

VW Touareg (2008) 2

I throw off the wheel. By the way, it weighs quite a lot.

VW Touareg (2008) 3

A beautiful view of the main brake opens..

VW Touareg (2008) 4

With a special key – “M16 snowflake”, I unscrew the two caliper mounting bolts.

VW Touareg (2008) 5

Be sure to first clean everything from dirt. And then the special key will be turned around – and you won’t get problems.

I hang the caliper separately, the main pads here are already ending.

VW Touareg (2008) 6

Through the bolt hole weaken the adjustment of the parking brake.

I remove the disk. Under it is a rusted parking brake mechanism.

I take off the soldiers and all the tightening springs.

Here is a rather interesting mechanism for wiring pads. I did not understand right away.

The pads are apparently in a sad state. Under replacement.

2000r came out for work. Plus the price of the pads themselves. Assembly in reverse order. Adjustment – seven clicks on the handbrake, as if on a manual. Everything is clear, pleasant and beautiful. a few hours earlier, the same operation was done on Toyota Camry. There was no time for photographs, there Japanese designers definitely hiccuped everything. Definitely not for people doing.

It seems to be a simple story and a very simple job …

But I wrote for those people who go to our Auto Diagnostics.

I read earlier that some people for some reason believe that “self-diagnosis is a golden bottom! You just need to buy a” computer “, learn how to read codes and a guaranteed thousand rubles in your pocket!”.

Oh oh Not so simple. There is tar in every barrel of honey.

“Nourishing” days do not depend on whether you have a “computer” and the ability to read diagnostic trouble codes.

What do they depend on?

And you read the articles, do not be lazy – and then you will see the whole spectrum of this interesting work – the work of a car diagnostician.


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