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VW Touareg 5

VW Touareg 5 1

Without keyword

As you probably already know, I am involved in chip tuning and auto electrics. I cooperate with several car services in Krasnodar, including the Car-t group (Krasnodar, 16 Kirill Rossinsky St., Car service “Car-T”, tel. + 7-909-443-84-40; + 7-900-251-32-42,, where various foreign cars are repaired. I cooperate with them not so long ago, but quickly realized that they are doing their job very well, so I send serious cars only to them. I come to them for difficult cases + mechanics repair send to them.
So, they have a good friend and part-time client, the owner of a wonderful and powerful Volkswagen Touareg car with a five-liter diesel biturbo engine.

And after another wash, the car did not start. That is by mistake: “There is no connection with one of the ECUs” (there are two engine control units on this motor – a “master” and a “slave”). The guys checked all the wiring, the electrics – everything is in order, so it turns out, the problem is in the control unit?
So this car came to me. An initial inspection of the control unit showed:

There was no valve for condensate discharge for a long time, why it happened?
And at first glance, after opening the patient, the trouble is small, a little moisture got …

But this is only at first glance, since “the farther into the forest …”.

Moisture got quite enough for the “brains” to refuse to work …
I open the block, and I see: on the outside of the board there is a little “green” (oxidation of the conductive paths). Well, I think, bullshit, right now we’ll eliminate and go.
Then they tear the board away from the case and understand: “The block will not go”.
Judging by the sand, I came to the conclusion that the block was drowned a long time ago, but this washing … maybe a little “pushed the process”, but most likely “just coincided”.
It is good that through BDM (connecting directly to the processor) it was possible to merge FLASH and EEPROM (Flash / EEPROM) memory. So we can make a clone.

For reference: EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) is an electrically erasable reprogrammable ROM (EEPROM), one of the types of non-volatile memory (such as PROM and EPROM). This type of memory can be erased and populated with data up to a million times.
To date, the classic dual-transistor technology EEPROM is almost completely replaced by flash memory such as NOR. However, the name EEPROM is firmly entrenched in the low-capacity memory segment, regardless of technology.

The client orders an ECU similar to what was on the car. Orders from Europe (office in Germany, block sent from Lithuania). I will say this: what came, I did not like right away.
Firstly, it was already opened, and not even glued, and secondly, one of the clamping ebbs in the lid was sealed with some kind of plasticine, all this was reported to the owner.
I open this donor, or rather, just unscrew the bolts, and what do you think I saw there? That’s right, the same “green” but on a smaller scale. In addition, in the place where it was sealed, a board was drilled!
Just awful …
Naturally, the unit did not start the car, although it got in touch. As a result, the client returned the money, but the unit remained with me for spare parts.

Who is involved in chip tuning will be laughing at how it was opened! -)

They even put their seals on the block)

Inside the donor it’s sad

Not at all sad. Why drill it?
Attempt number two. He ordered an ECU in Russia, a good unit arrived: it didn’t open even without signs of corrosion inside.
And the car started up! Then they made Stage1 tuning firmware for me under this motor, and the car, of course, went much more interesting, as the client noticed!
(“Stage1” – this means that the firmware with an increase in power, but without alterations in hardware, for example, Stage 2 requires replacing the front intercooler with a larger one, etc.).

Third block and his partner
Thanks, who mastered the text, take care of the “brains” of your iron friends! 🙂

Since we talked about the probable reason: “the car is drowned”, then below you can read several copyright articles on this topic.
And from myself I can briefly advise on what specifically to pay attention to when purchasing a car:
1. Before buying, open the Internet and draw it to a depth of half a year or a year for natural disasters: where were there, what are the consequences.
2. Inspecting the car to clarify “where it was brought from and when” and compare in the head with the recently read. If there are at least slight coincidences – it’s better not to take risks, there are a lot of cars for sale!
3. When inspecting, pay special attention to lighting devices: headlights, sidelights, dimensions. The meaning is this: if the car was a “drowned”, then on the lighting fixtures there will certainly remain droplets of moisture, fogging, etc. So just do not wipe them. And in order to get rid forever, you need to completely change them, which the seller is unlikely to do.
4. Smell is important. He will stay in the “drowned man” for a long time, the smell will be similar to the “smell of a spring swamp” :). And if they try to remove it by draining, heating, and the like – in vain they try, the smell remains anyway, however, it can incorporate “notes from the Sahara desert” 🙂


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