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Vw touareg

Vw touareg 1

Vw touareg

Without keyword

Volkswagen Touareg car, eight-speed gearbox TR81SN.

Motor V-shaped, six-cylinder, TDI.

Automatic transmission made in Japan:

This automatic transmission is a continuation of the automatic transmission line for cars with high torque, the previous version was 6-speed and was called TR60SN.

In japanese print gearbox TR81SN was called “unkillable”, it was even emphasized that “this transmission is designed to be“ habitually unkillable “- like all AISIN gearboxes.” Well, such statements are also “familiar to us” – marketing is marketing.

However, as the repair practice of the Russian company ATG (Moscow, Kantemirovskaya St., 59 A has shown, the manufacturer “has more work to do”: such automatic transmissions often get into repair.

The photo below shows a “typical malfunction” of the previous TR60SN automatic transmission, which is “typically unkillable”.

The malfunction arose as a result of the failure of the sleeve, which centers the planetary gear relative to the shaft.

Approximately the same sleeve is on the next generation box. TR81SN. In the photo below, this sleeve from this gearbox.

Nothing unusual and remarkable, really?
However, it is precisely because of it that “problems of the hoo” can arise.

As already mentioned: “The sleeve is designed to center the planetary gear relative to the shaft.” But in the case of its wear, the alignment changes, the row relative to the “crown” begins to work incorrectly: it shifts and the teeth begin to “bite” each other.

As a result of this, the “chipping” of the teeth occurs, or even their “breaking out” – as shown in the photo above on the example of the TR60SN gearbox.

In addition, if a malfunction is triggered, which may occur even further:
– breaking out gears of planetary gear
– failure of the entire planetary gear set
– the planetary series “pulls” the “crown” and the “sun”

In short, it turns out a kind of “good bunch of faults”:
– as a result, chips begin to cut, which clogs the oil filter, as a result of which the general lubrication of the gearbox is significantly reduced
– the oil pump cannot pump the lubrication system, including the filter, which is clogged with planetary wear products.

As a result of all this, the wear of the gearbox begins to occur rapidly, and ten kilometers (or less) is enough for the gearbox to fail completely, and then the repair will consist in replacing almost all parts of the automatic transmission, which will cost a very impressive amount.

In the photo: only the automatic transmission case will remain, in which almost everything will have to be changed.

How the malfunction is felt by the car owner
– the car starts to “slip” when switching from 1 to 2, from 2 to 3 speeds and so on
– the tachometer at this moment sharply throws up (transmission of speeds occurs with a break in power)

And again about the main if to summarize:
– the gear changes, the car “stalls”, and the tachometer needle sharply goes up at this moment

An error may occur: “Incorrect gear shift”.
This malfunction code can be triggered by the smallest chips, which even after the filter can get into the hydraulic panel to the spools, where the gaps are very, very small and are measured in microns.

It is worth remembering that this error may also apply to other malfunctions, which will be discussed in subsequent articles.

The causes of the malfunction.
– poor-quality grease (ATF fluid), filled into the box during maintenance, in other words, “fake, not meeting the requirements of the Manufacturer
– driving style of the driver: constant sharp starts from traffic lights, the habit of “overtaking everyone and forever”, movement when the throttle is open to the fullest (you probably saw such “noisers”, they always start first from the traffic lights and are carried away ahead of everyone)
– untimely replacement of oil in the box: for some reason, most car owners believe the words of car dealers, they say, “the oil in the box does not change the entire life of the car.” Good advice: “Do not trust recklessly the managers from car repair, eternal lubrication has not yet been invented”.

The specialist of the ATG-service company Mikhail Gulyutkin told us about this malfunction:


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