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VW Transporter, EGR, Presale

VW Transporter, EGR, Presale 1

Without keyword

Volkswagen T5 (1.9 liter turbodiesel, year of manufacture 2006)

VW Transporter, EGR, Presale 2

When a client arrives and tells such a story, they say, he went to the store, bought everything, went out, started to start – it does not start, then the first thing to do is no, not the scanner, but the charger. Because a person in such situations, the battery drops to zero, and for checks we need good on-board power.

When they began to check for errors, the scanner indicated a malfunction of the EGR valve. We turned searches in this direction and soon found that the scanner did not seem to be mistaken:

VW Transporter, EGR, Presale 3

Yes, the EGR valve was in such a state of neglect. He is completely “overgrown” with sediments.

In my head, in principle, there was a picture of a malfunction, however, if you look at the valve from such a side as in the photo, such a state of it cannot prevent the engine from starting. So, you need to turn-twist the valve and look for what? That’s right, look for something that can interfere with starting the engine. And they soon found, examining the valve in clearance:

VW Transporter, EGR, Presale 4

The arrow shows the gap, which prevented the engine from starting. There is a “loose fit of the shut-off device”, which is why exhaust gases constantly get into the intake manifold. And as we know, during the start of the engine the EGR valve must be closed. Here it was opened and the exhaust gases that arose at the time of starting the engine – they simply “choked” the engine and did not allow it to start.

It became interesting and decided to look for memory: at what position of the valve does the engine not start? We looked at the scanner: “The target position is 100%, the actual position is 82%.” Very good, remember for the future.

How many options are there to fix this malfunction? Anyone who says that there are only two options is mistaken. What are these options:
1. Replace the EGR valve with a new one.
2. Shut off the EGR valve, and in the control unit turn off the verification and control algorithm of this device.

But there is still a third option, which, I want to note, is never used in our car service, but which came across in the diagnosis and repair of other cars: “tuning DP”.

We talked with the client, told him all the pros and cons of the first and second options. A new valve – the price is such and such. Switch off the valve and turn off all its algorithms in the control unit – such and such a cost. The client thought, estimated: “I am going to drive a car for a long time, and the new valve will soon clog again … we have some diesel fuel … let’s get the second option!”.

No problem. The valve itself was thoroughly cleaned, stirred up so that it stood in the normal “closed” position and stopped passing exhaust gases to the intake manifold, and a reliable plug was placed in front of it. The connector from the valve was removed, carefully insulated and securely attached to the motor body so that it did not move.

Reliable equipment was used in the control unit to programmatically disconnect the EGR valve:

VW Transporter, EGR, Presale 5

Here I want to say: in our company ADACT diesel firmware is made by Alexey Sokolov, nickname “Kstovchanin”. It is his firmware that is a guarantee of quality and stability – there has not been a single example of poor-quality work. And these are not only my words, so say all our customers who have reflashed their diesel cars.

I definitely want to repeat what I say to all clients: in our ADACT company there are unshakable rules (which no one has) for customers who performed chip tuning with specialists of our company:
1. If within two weeks after the chip tuning of his car the client didn’t like something in the behavior of the car after the firmware, he has every right to return the old firmware and the money paid for it without explaining any reasons.
2. If during the year any firmware that does not have the prefix “final” has any update, then the client has the right to update his downloaded firmware for free.

This was said in order to make clear the seriousness of our work..

What about the car? The problem is gone. The client then said that “the car began to start even better than in the last half-year.” Clear. So, the problem with EGR he accumulated for six whole months.

I know that for many who read this material, the question revolves in the language: “And what is this -“ DP tuning ”? I will stop in more detail. Because I want to remind and warn all motorists who decide to conduct chip tuning on their car.

“Tuning DP” is “tuning” (double brackets) for sale. ” Although in fact what they do in some car services, it is not a “chip tuning”. And this action is called short and simple: “brazen deception”.

What do in this case:
1. Muffled EGR valve.
2. Since the control unit monitors its operation and will surely light the malfunction lamp on the instrument panel, this lamp is removed or sealed with electrical tape.
3. The car is handed over to the client and the grass doesn’t grow further – these craftsmen don’t give a damn that by doing this they doom the car owner to an almost guaranteed getting into another malfunction: the fools didn’t come up with informing the driver about the breakdown in the car by means of a malfunction lamp and other warning banners.

You can avoid such a “chip tuning” when checking in another independent car service, specialists know what to do and what to check if such poor-quality work is suspected.


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